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RohitRajbhar posted this 19 June 2019

An unknown women ask me for help. She want to call some one and I thought she is needy so i gave my phone to her for helping her ..she call an number 18003157010 and after call a message received on my phone from TM-HULHTH and then she take the unique code from my phone ...I thought something was wrong ...then i start watching her and i see she was not alone there is a group of three women and they asking from many people for their phone Then i call police and police arrest them...

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PandharinathKolhe posted this 13 July 2019

An unknown woman at Rajdhani Rice Depot , ECIL X Road, Hyderabad asked me phone for urgent call. she dialed a toll free number 18003157010 and took unique code by sms came from TM-HULHTH . After coming home i checked this number with Truecaller .I feel some thing wrong  .pl. register my complaint and take necessary action.

AgrawalSomesh posted this 09 November 2023

Same happens with me also

NirajYaduwanshi posted this 01 April 2024

सर आज दो औरत आई और मेरा मोबाईल ली और एक टोल फ्री नंबर डायल की 1800 121 170 170 यही नंबर है डायल करने के बाद TM-HULHTH की तरफ से एक यूनिक कोड आया उस यूनिक कोड को उन्होंने उनके ही मोबाइल में डायल कर ली तो कृपया बताइए की मेरे साथ कोई फ्रॉड तो नहीं हो गया धन्यवाद।