is forcing to pay the false amount

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prabhlinkaur posted this 15 January 2021

Somedays ago i registeres to this online job offering company, "". They offered me to complete 600 resume form filling in 7 days and get 18000 for that, if they arr 90% accurate. I hardly took a sleep of 3 hours and continued working since morning till night working as hard as i can. Because of what i faced a severe backache and so i was unable so sit or stand straight for so many days. I left the work in between and without even listening to the problem they are continously torturing me to pay the amount of 6490. I recieved a call from some lawyer he talked in a greatly harsh manner. I took a look over internet about this company and there is not even a single positive review i ever saw. The most important of all, I recieved a invoice that stated aan address. And i found it fake. They dont even have a registered company. Please someone help how to deal with them. I'm really disturbed.

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PremSingham posted this 30 January 2021

Same here brother... So help me what did you do ... After that

AayushAgarwal posted this 01 February 2021

Just abuse them as they are fake.. I am doing the same... If they threaten you.. You should threaten them...

JyothiReddy posted this 09 February 2021

Did you get any leegal notice?