So I was searching for typing jobs in India and I came up to this company on, it seemed pretty legit how they had their job description sorted, and then to confirm I visited their website it seemed pretty legit to... then I messaged them on Whatsapp as it was mentioned in the job description, I said I want to apply for that job, then this guy named "Vivek" (I think his name is also made up), he replied to call him, and so I did, there he said that I will be earning 18,000 Rupees just by copy and Pasting data from a pdf to the columns available on the website and there are no registration fees to start the work, I immediately said I'm interested then he said you have to fill 600 resumes in 7 days then only you'll get paid 18,000. I asked him it's impossible to complete 600 documents in just 7 days, then he said you can extend the time period but he didn't clarify it, then immediately he asked me to give him my PAN card, I said I don't have one with me, he kinda sounded a little bit desperate then he said do you have an Aadhar Card or a Driving License, I said I have aadhar Card so he said to send the photo of front and backside of it on WhatsApp, so I did then he provided me with a Login ID and Password and asked me to sign some paperwork digitally(which seemed fishy). So I did my work till today and filled almost 40 resumes, and on 17th Dec. I received a message telling me to extend my date so I won't get portal charges, so I messaged this guy to extend the validity to 1 month because I thought I could complete 600 resumes in a month, but today on the 19th he called me up and asked me to pay Rs.6490 as a fine for not completing the work in the given time, I said I will not pay because I told him to extend the time period to 1 month but he said the extended time is only for 2 days(which he didn't mention even on the messages in WhatsApp when I asked him to extend my time period to 1 month). and now he is threatening me that he will take LEGAL Action against me, and he is terrorizing me. I don't know what to do. they are a fraud.

Same happen with me today and this companies advocate call me and talking in very harsh language. I don't understand what to do.