I have ordered shoes from snapdeal app the shoes were originally 5000 rs but as per discount they were giving at 2800 . So i bought them but the app wasn't updating and 2 days later i received shoes and i took them. When i opened the parcel the shoes which were in it were some cheap 200 rupees shoes not the one which i bought. So when i login to return the order the app was still showing that product is yet to deliver. So i call customer support and machine picked as usual and stall me for 10 minutes and i cant process anything because they didnt have any operator to talk and complaint. So i mailed them and they took action and check my status and asked for pictures and then no reply then i even mailed them many times to ask them what i should do but now they are not even replying to my mails. So i mailed with different email id and now they are replying, so i again raised my issue and they asked for pictures and then again no reply. They r not just helping me but even avoiding a customer who is asking for help. Today after 5 days from fake delivered parcel i got another parcel from snapdeal and asking for money to get these shoes. Which were the one i ordered so if these are my shoes that i have ordered that what was that old shoes that i got from snapdeal. So i asked customer support of snapdeal and they r not replying again of course by asking user id and invoice id. So i want help from you.