Snapdeal fake call saying promotion offer

  • Last Post 24 January 2018
AmanArora posted this 22 June 2017

Yesterday around 3:27pm I got a call from 9836974688 sayinh that they are calling from snapdeal and its a promotional call they are giving prizes on shopping of ₹4000 and the prizes were iphone6s,led tv,....etc they asked me to select the product on snapdeal and not to make payment official site and den revert dem on d same number..i did i selected the protien power worth ₹5291 and told dem to book dat for me they told me that the promotional offer is applied and i got iphone 6s silver colour...they den asked me the mode of payment and that was net banking,debit/credit card, paytm den dey told me if i pay through paytm I'll get 10% cashback and so i placed the order by paytm number of fake snapdeal-8100445266 they asked me that the order is placed and i will get email notification soon but i never received such... they even told me that the dispatch team will contach me today before 12pm and then they will dispatch the order but i recieved the col from 9062944306 and the person told me that he is dispatching the order and i will get email about dispatch bt I never received any...i contacted paytm customer care yesterday and they even told me that they are recieving calls from ther customers since morning about such fraud and they resgistered my complain and now paytm told me the amount is transferred to another no and my money is all gone..15min back i called the dispatch team and he is jus makin fool me saying there are government taxes of 25% and i hav to pay 11,999 more for my product and when i asked him to cancel my order n return my money he denied and said that money is gone to government neither he is keeping nor I'll get it back...plzzz help me out m student and i got my pocket money soo my whole month pocket money gone waste n i am very much helpless😢😢😢

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GauravSachan posted this 08 July 2017

I had the same call today morning, and it was too tempting to be true. I got a call from 9836974688 (True-caller tell its Kolkata number), and the accent of the Lady Shraddha Sharma as she told me her name, was Bengali (can't say whether it was true Bengali accent or molded one). The first suspicious thing was, that she took my wife's name but called my number. Anyways, I noted down a few things, and then desperately tried searching for Snapdeal's CC number. These e-retailers nowadays, in a bid to cut the costs, have non-human aka IVR based CC number. So all in vain for 10 minutes, so I called back that 98369 number again and questioned them a few things. She told me details as my friend has already mentioned above and kept repeating that its not forceful, rather a choice. Anyways, I didn't fall into the trap, but there should be some process to do a police complaint against such numbers.

HermosaDama posted this 24 August 2017

This morning I too received a call from 8013201618(kolkata,India) at 10:04am, telling me that I was a lucky customer among 5, to whom they are delivering free gift. The lady,Swati(as she told me her name was) asked me to open snapdeal app and add 3-4 items in wishlist of worth 4000/- and not buy them. I was asked to call her back before 12:00 noon ,once I added the items. To confirm if its not a fraud call I asked her to forward the comapny's promotional offer email/any written proof. She agreed to that. The stunning thing was she had my email id too which she spelled to me! Not sure how she got it!! Well,then I googled about what all she said and landed to this page where everyone said its a fraud! Thanks for helping me save my money guys!! Thank you so much. But it isnt proper to use a brand name and trap people. We need to have a method to complain about such calls!

SatnamSingh posted this 24 January 2018

Same thing is happened with me and accidentally i falled in trap. Pls help me Satnam singh