Scam on Telegram in the name of Par time job by subscribing YouTube channels

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SandipShrivastava posted this 15 May 2023

I started on whatsapp(+918578080325). The lady messaged me with offer of Part Time Job where I’ll get 50rs per subscription. And for that I don’t have to pay single rupee. She gave me first task by sharing link of youtube channel which I subscribed and completed first task. Then she shared another youtube link for second task which also I completed. Then she said that for third task I need to chat with their receptionist named Ansuya(telegram channel @Ansuya9556). Then I asked receptionist for the third task where she gave shared me a link of one website for registering Then receptionist shared youtube channel link as third task to complete. I subscribed and completed the third task after that she asked upi id for processing the payment of 150rs. I gave my upi id and after 20-30 mins I received 150rs payment. I thought this is genuine job. Then they asked me to join their telegram channel where they gives daily 25 tasks to complete and get the payment. In which prepaid tasks also was there which I was not aware about. I got the first prepaid task to do where 1000rs was the starting prepaid task for fresher people. So I paid 1000rs with the help of receptionist and then she allocated one teacher named @krishnazz552 (telegram channel id) who will be guiding us for the trading. Then shared some steps to follow to do trading of bitcoin. I followed the steps and completed that prepaid task and then I got paid 1300rs via receptionist. Then I kept completing other tasks which got posted in the group in which I got another prepaid task. Second time I again tried to opt for 1000rs plan for which they denied and informed that I can opt it for once as fresher only. Then they asked me to choose task of 10000rs or above. I chose for 10000rs and paid the amount to merchant through receptionist. This time the task need to be completed in group where 2-3 people are were required. This time teacher made 1 group and asked us to agree some terms and condition and then shared the same steps to complete the trading task. Which everyone did and then teacher asked us to wait for another group task and shared some tasks in which we have to choose one amount and need to pay to merchant via receptionist by sharing the code given by teacher. Then I opt for the lowest amount which was 6800 due insufficient money where other members wanted to opt for the highest amount. As everyone has to select the same option others selected the same which I did. Then we paid the amount and then completed the task by repeating the trading task by following the steps given by teacher. Then after completing the two task teacher asked us to wait he is checking whether there is another task. And after few moments teacher declared that todays task is over and we should speak with receptionist to settle our commission. Then we spoke with receptionist to settle the commission by sharing the code given by the teacher. Till that time all 25 tasks for the day got over and they said that next morning they will start at 09:45am. Due to successful reception of commission my trust on these people got strong and after completing second prepaid task I tried for third prepaid task which receptionist denied to allocate me by saying the seats are full and she will try for me on next day for which I agreed. Then in the next morning with more hopes I started to complete the tasks getting posted in the group. During completing the tasks receptionist asked me to do prepaid tasks for which I was requesting her yesterday evening. Then I asked her that still the prepaid has not been posted in the group then how can I go for it. Then she said that as per my request she booked a slot for me putting request to merchant. Then in few moments the prepaid task got posted and I thought to go for 25000rs and I paid that amount to merchant via receptionist on the upi id shared by her. After the payment same teacher got allocated and he told me that the members which whome I played prepaid task before have also chosen the same plan and are in the group also with me so they will be continuing with you today. Then our task got started where we completed our first as before and then teacher asked us to wait for next task and he shared the task where we need pay minimum amount of rs 58000(I got this refunded back as NEFT was failed after 4 hours i received the fund back to my bank account thanks god) and more than that 2 also were there. By seeing this I got frightened but the rule was like if I chose to quit then they will blacklist me will not return my money. So I thought like yesterday I might have to complete only one more task with this amount so I paid that amount and played that task. After completing the task teacher again asked us to wait for another task and he allocated third task where we need to pay 1,28,000 amount. Then this time one person from our group said that she need some time to manage the fund and same thing I also did. After some time she and I managed funds and paid 1,28,000rs amount thinking that this one will be the last one task and completed that third task. After that teacher again asked us to wait for another task and he shared fourth task saying this one is the last task in which we have to pay minimum 3,30,000rs amount. Then i said I’m not able make such huge amount they said Retention option we have arrange 1,40,000 with in tomorrow and claim your rewards, i thought if i paid reaming task amount they will transfer my whole settlement .After that when I google it in internet i found that they are scammer as i can see list of other compmaints too from different peopple as they have been scammed off.I have reported the transcation as fraud and complaint them straight away to the bank with in two hours and the file a case at cyber crime.Humble request to your team if we can get that money back soon and also to cathc those scammer who are trying new traicks to scam People like me.

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SaiSai posted this 15 May 2023

Same i to lost in lakhs only starting they give me 150 rs and they taken 8 lakhs all my saving gone i filled cyber crime compliment also they said i should wait for wait i am so much tension to get my money plz be a serious and carefull file i case and doubt plz whatsapp me i will explain you how to file a case my whatsapp number 77806 21472

SandipShrivastava posted this 15 May 2023

I have already filed a case to cyber and also reported to the bank within two hours of this happening. Bank is also looking into it . They have provided me with temporary credit unless it been resolved.I have lodge a FIR in my local police station as well.I have lodge a complaint to pg portal as finical fraud .Now I am waiting to get my money back.(+918013310781) this is my number you can get it touch with me so we can together file a case against them

HanfeerHaneef posted this 14 October 2023

They are now back with new scam in India. Instead of YouTube subscription its Google map reviews. First they ask you to give 5 star & a review to some map location mainly food restaurants. Then they pay a small amount as settlement & ask you to chat with Ansuya Receptionist in telegram for other tasks. Then they add you in a group & asks you to complete 20 tasks a day in which some tasks requires you to send them money & they will payback with 20% commision. All is good untill they ask you to pay higher amount after gaining your trust. Then when you start doing tasks with higher amount they will start to block you & never settle your amount. There will be no

HanfeerHaneef posted this 14 October 2023

There will be no evidence that you paid them. Its becoming one of the biggest scams in India. The theme is they settle your small amounts to gain your trusts & steal your big amounts. So please take care of such motherfuckers

GalantiJohn posted this 16 October 2023

This company is not honest. It's all deceitful and fake. I noticed many figures on my account weren't adding up, so a little investigation revealed they were helping themselves to my investment. I found this disturbing and wanted out, but they made it difficult. However, Mrs. Olivia and her company did a tremendous job and helped get my money out successfully; you can visit Olivia's company email oliviatrader44@"gmail ,com or WhatsApp her directly at  +1 (423) 248-2140 for a quick conversation.

YazeedShah posted this 20 November 2023

I've been doing their work like for almost a month. Since I work in field related to cybersecurity, I always do only the subscribe task and get the 450 to 500 from one scammer team. No prepaid task so far. You can make upto 500 from these scammers. Currently 4th team has contacted me so far and I've made around 500 from each of them.....

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