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GeetanjaliMhasawade posted this 15 December 2020

This website which shares The main office address with another fraud company resume filling claims to give you free work and makes you sign documents but if you refuse to work for some reason they threaten you with legal action and demand 6500rs as service portal charges from you. I registered without enquiring about the company and later found out it’s a scam but now they’re forcing me to pay the amount. They don’t even have a office, the address that they provided is of the resume filling company which is a fraud company and is listed all over the internet for similar frauds.

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SUMANNEGI posted this 17 December 2020

Same is happening with me .... But now after replying to there mail.suddenly mail has been deleted by their side and those signature are not mine.... Which they are sending me now....i didnt signed there agreement as i found the stamp paper bit fishy.

RuthJ posted this 17 December 2020

I had been called by the company to complete 600 forms in 7 days. I did 450+ forms in 7 forms. Its really impossible to do 600 forms in 7 days and know they are threatening me rsaying that I had done fraud to them and they will file court case.. They are continuously giving me msg that they will snatch me to the court anyhow. Even I had not sign any bond still they say that you have signed a bond and know you have to repay us by giving double amount which is 10450/-.

Mohamed Zaheer posted this 19 December 2020

Any one to pay portel charge 5500??

Mohamed Zaheer posted this 19 December 2020

I'm trapped this

Nehaposwal posted this 19 December 2020

Kya iss company n apse yeh bola hai ki vo apke ghar legel notice bhejenge aur kya apke ghar legal notice aya hai inka

Nehaposwal posted this 19 December 2020

Kya iss company n apse yeh bola hai ki vo apke ghar legel notice bhejenge aur kya apke ghar legal notice aya hai inka

TarunSurana posted this 20 December 2020

Same happening to me before 2 days I already pay 2000 amount to this company for 2 days extension but that company behaviour is very rude, but till now not get any legal letter. 

TarunSurana posted this 20 December 2020

I did not get any legal notice on my address.

RajeshwariRoy posted this 24 December 2020

The same has happened to me. Any way out? please help me out. 

AshaShaik posted this 25 December 2020

You wont get any legal notice guys...they are completely fake dont come into their words and dont pay money. Just reply them along with cheating sections which was given by the govt. Avoid calls n msgs from them.

AmrutGarbhe posted this 27 December 2020

hey guys. i have same problem. I took the work and then i realize that it is impossible to do 600 resumes in 7 days. So i said them that i am not doing this and then they started to afraid me saying that now you have to talk with out legal team and you have to pay 6540 rs. and if you not paid us that we will complain file against you. and then you have to came surat for court work. so anyone know that shit. what is this happening. please guide  me 

MahwishFatima posted this 29 December 2020

I too got a call from them and they did not give me any time to think about my decision to join. Immediately they forced me to submit an id proof. I left filling out the resumes from the second day itself because I knew the task was impossible. I called the HR named Zoya, and told her they are running a scam. She threatened me to send me a legal notice and today I have received an email regarding the same. But, because they are not a genuine company they cannot do anything. So its better to not reply or pay.

Prasanthi Kuppam posted this 04 January 2021

This is correct Bhavana is one of the agent she is also forcing me to do work, I told her I can't do and I can't pay money but she is not accepting, she forcing me.

PriyankaKumari posted this 04 January 2021

Theresumesearch company froud h ye logo se kaam krwa ke paisa ni deta maine 600 7 days me complete kr ke diya us me unke hisab se 74 fail h to ab wo mujhe 6500 rs pay krne ko bol rha call message mail se dhamki de rha ligal action lenge court tk ghasitenge ..Mai 600 work 7 days me 14 hrs daily kr ke kaise v complete ki jb kr di to kuch v error nikal ke ulta hm se hi paisa mang rhe ...itna Jo Mai mur mur ke kaam ki uska koi value ni uper se paisa mang rhe portal humne apne kaam ke liye use ni kiya usi ke kaam ke liye kiya fir hm ku charge de ...froud h ye company

Vaibhavee Jethwa posted this 06 January 2021

The same has happened to me. I registered with the company but later found out that it's a fraud company that doesn't pay and makes us pay them for portal charges instead. I don't know what to do now.

Ashish kumarSinha posted this 10 January 2021

Mere pass bhi ye offer aaya bola gaya 7 days mein 600 resume bharna hai aur agreement paper pe sign karwaya aur bola ki agar 7 din me nahi hoga to apko 5500 paid karna hoga kya ye sahi baat hai koi legal action leta hai

jayamishra posted this 11 January 2021

i have the same issue company is calling again and again and said you have to portal charges 6490 else we will send a legal notice to your address 


mayuraksheedhusiya posted this 11 January 2021

i hve signed the agreement wht to do

mayuraksheedhusiya posted this 11 January 2021

mere saath b kuch esa ho rha h can i plz get your contact number sister

AshuShukla posted this 20 January 2021

Hi All, 19jan2021 i got the same explanation call from tanisha, today i read all complaints and thn i replied her, she told it is not possible now... Please tel me wot to do now❓please help me

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