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PunamSham posted this 18 March 2021


I have registered on the website (Indeed & Monster )for work from home jobs.

same I received a call from one person:-7802872516.he said will send details on what up. so he sends the message to me. asked for ID proof, which I shared with him..then he forwarded a WhatsUp link to fill in the details. "" In that link I received a contract I said not interested in. now they are asking 5000+18%GST for contacting him.

please guys all be careful of such peoples.


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SharadSing posted this 22 March 2021

Thanks for the information thay also contact me but i search about them then i show your info and i understand they really scammers

lakshaylakshay posted this 22 March 2021

Same thing I came across today itself. I was also entangled in the same case. Because of the people like Resumetofill job from we can't find a relevant and relying place. These guys even have my Adhaar Card, email, address and other information. So my question here @PunamShah and @SharadSing is that will our data be used in an unethical way? Cause legal action should be taken. Also, did you pay them to cancel your contract?

ChandraSekhar posted this 23 March 2021

I actually signed on the agreement. And I quit now , what will happen. Will they file a case on me ? Anyone please reply me I'm afraid. @PunamShah and @SharadSing @lakshay lakshay.

Saeed Bhatia posted this 23 March 2021

Had This conversation from about same number : 7486027175

Resumetofill: Hello Freelancers


We are the Resume to fill  recuritement firm.  We are giving opportunity for freelancing and full time jobs  ,Resume filling work  for those peoples  who is seeking to earn money in spare time. housewife's/ student/ retired persons anybody could do this job from home or office!!!



You should have only PC / Laptop and you can earn up to 15k Thrice in a month by doing simple the resume search  work


Nature of work


It's just simple the resume search  work!! Our end client maintaining database of candidates who's seeking job in various departments


600 resumes in 7 days

Minimum 2 / 25 per forms

Total earning - 15000

Minimum Accuracy Required



540 resume should be correct out of 600


You have to fill those details and every resume…
Resumetofill: Read out and then send me your I'd proof pic and email id

Saeed Bhatia: Can you please confirm what is this.

Resumetofill: Did I ask u something like that

Resumetofill: I told u if u not do your work then you have to pay otherwise not even a single penny u have to pay

SB: Cheer up mate, you are searching for candidates, I am happy with my work, I will not be sharing my id with knowing you.

SB: Have a good time, I am not interested.


Thanks for contacting.

[12:57, 3/23/2021] Resumetofill: It's okay

[12:57, 3/23/2021] Resumetofill: U too mate

HarshGupta posted this 24 March 2021

i started working with them just yesterday and ever since then people have been telling me that i made a mistake, i am actually really worried right now because they made me sign the agreement and it says i will have to atleast work for one month and i may have to pay ₹5000+ charge if i can't and that makes me really worried that i can't afford to pay that. i don't know what to do

jyotiseervi posted this 24 March 2021


Md Shane ILAHI posted this 25 March 2021

Ek rupees v nahi dena ye log fraud hai. You per dekho video sab dought clear ho jayega

venkateshkannnan posted this 26 March 2021

I also signed the agreement but i found out that this was a scam. The amount of work they provide is highly impossible to complete within 7 days and most of the time their servers are down. But do not worry the agreement we have signed is fake and only to scare us to pay the money for not completing the work or having 90% accuracy. We can say the agreement is fake because there is not witness or a notary for the agreement. They haven't checked our eligibility for the work nor have they checked if we can pay a fee if we breach the contract. You're liable to pay a company in compensation fees only if they've spent some money for training you. For example you are placed in Infosys and you agree for a bond of 1 year with Infosys but you leave the company within 5-6 months then only Infosys has rights to file a case and ask for compensation because they've spent money on you for those 5-6 months . So do not worry about the lawyer(who is definitely fake) calling you saying he'll file a case and you'll have to pay some money to withdraw the case. Please do not pay a single rupee to these scammers 

Refer to these links below to know more about these frauds

JoseFernandes posted this 27 March 2021

+91 88667 83069 This is their new number now. Someone file complaint against these fools. Give them punishment for 50 lakhs fine & 2 years jail. He got my addhar card, mother's bank account details. He posted fake addvertisement on LinkedIn!

These people deserve punishment or else corruption in India will never stop.

JoseFernandes posted this 27 March 2021

Hey. Same here. They have my aadhar card & bank details. Man, thank goodness I'm poor, just Rs 1000 in bank. Lol.

Their new number, they have LinkedIn account too! +91 88667 83069. This is their new number.

Yes you can file a case. Very easy. Just 650rs and they will get 50 lakh fine with 2 years jail. On cyber crime.

You can try that, I got no money. I would be grateful if someone else does it. These people need to be taught a lesson. All the olx, LinkedIn, etc are fake. Check on YouTube. Instead do Affiliate marketing, network marketing, freelancing, check " Best Income Secrets ", " Prakash Raj Thakur - Business Coach " channels. 100% legit. Love such honest & loyal people. May God bless them. They brought tears in my eyes.

jyotiseervi posted this 28 March 2021

guys dont worry about that u have given ur bank details ...the cant do anything ...they cant withdraw money with aadhaar deatils...they are just making as fool so that we can pay the money...we get panic that we have given the aadhaar or bank details...they cant do be cool...


PaporiRoy posted this 04 April 2021

Email: Contact no. ‪+91 74860 27166‬


Someone please tell me if this is the fake website y'all are talking about. The same thing happened with me.

KrittikaDas posted this 05 April 2021

Luckily I was wise enough to read the reviews first before going ahead with this. I can now see the same pattern of messages and details shared by one Ms.Karishma(Phone No-8866866715). Hopefully no one else will fall pray to such scams.

Azad HussainLaskar posted this 05 April 2021

This number 9104671831, contacted me on 2nd april and offered a job of resume filling and said that i have to fill in 600 resume in 1 week for which they will pay me Rs 15000. After that i started doing the work and then one my friend told me that this resume filling jobs are fake to which I searched on the internet and found out it to be true. Now I am worried if they will reach out to me for money. I have blocked the number. They have my aadhar card copy and may do something wrong using that. I have filed a cyber crime report against them today. Let's see what happens next. ( Reach out to me for more information on how to tackle with these fraudsters @ instagram : azzzu_h and Email : )

DeepikaGupta posted this 05 April 2021

They are swnsing me mails saying they'll send legal notices and affect my CIBIL etc. What to do ? Do.i pay them ?

DeepikaGupta posted this 05 April 2021

They are sending me mails saying they'll send legal notices and affect my CIBIL etc. What to do ? Do.i pay them ?

DeepikaGupta posted this 05 April 2021

Has anyone paid them back what they were asking for etc? What to do please help?

karthikg posted this 06 April 2021

hi @jyotiseervi, actually i am also so tensed about this. I have made a mistake and if i would leave in middle or if i can't able to complete the 600 resumes of accuracy 90%, i have to pay 5500+18%tax. Now, i am so tensed, please help me in this. They are also having me aadhar card and showing me an agreement notice. Please help me @jyotiseervi in this. What should i do now?


PreetiSharma posted this 11 April 2021

I m also registered the resumefillup/client.. I m so scared.please anyone tell me that they are not going to case or any legal action

AmanGoyal posted this 14 April 2021

I too got tricked into it. A minute after registering I knew for sure that was a fraud. Unfortunately, I provided them with me DRIVING LICENSE.

So far, I have found and blocked these numbers, and you should too:

9104671831, 8866866715, 8866783069, 8866866766, 8866432102, 7486027166, 7486027175, 7802872516, 7042328730, 9662079578, 9724785638.

Don't worry. The fake agreement has a much older date, according to which that "agreement" might already be over even before your 7 day period started.

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