I'm a student and tried of doing an online job to earn for saving. I ended up with this company and completed all the 600 resumes within the stipulated time. I gave upon my sleep, food, and other regular works and studies in doing this. But when they sent the Accuracy Report it had about 73 not approved ones out of which 15 are correct but for no reason they have not approved of these.

I sent them a request mail for rechecking those but never got a reply. Rather they are sending me warning notice to pay about Rs. 7670.

Later I saw that many of them had the same problem with the same company from different ways, numbers and names. And that they are fake. I saw few people have attached their payment history to them and had also complained of not receiving any NOC from them.

It also disturbs me that they would send me legal notices that are not real and mentally disturb me. Calling, texting and mailing me daily and threatening with fake legal notices it really disturbs me from doing anything , I cannot even focus on my studies.

I really feel they must be stopped because a lot of people have worked hard and put their time and effort in it. This is really bringing down the trust and reliability on any other online job providers also.

I request you to take necessary actions in preventing such fraudulent activities for a better future of Youth doing Work from Home in our Country. So that nobody gets cheated like any of those who had already been trapped with this.