There is a company called "Resume filling' ( who called me on 28th October 2020 for freelancing work as I was also looking for some freelancing work so I got ready. They have asked me to send my Aadhaar copy, my 1 passport size photo and my email id for the registration as they were not charging any amount for that so I sent them my docs on their whatsapp.

After that they did my registration and sent me login details and asked me to login. I did as per their instructions. When I logged in they asked me to sign one document available on their website where the clauses were mentioned. I have read but there was no clause mentioned that if I do not want to continue I would be liable for penalty. As they have given me work of 600 resume data which I had to complete within 1 week. I failed to do so due to my illness during this week. So today they called me and blackmailed me to give them 6500 as penalty. I disagreed so they have told me that I have signed the agreement. When I again visited their website and went through their agreement letter they have updated the said clause that I need to pay 6500 for not completing the work, which was not even mentioned at the time of signing. Also the representative was forcing me to sign it freely and said there would not be any issue.So I signed it believing them. I told them I am not financially well and cannot provide them that money so they told me that I could face the problem if I am not paying them and their Advocate will call me, as they are blackmailing for it. I asked them to cancel my registration so they are asking for money for the closure of my account. All they are asking is so unethical. They are giving pressure to complete the work within today as this is not possible. I am unable to due do it due to my illness. I did not know they will trap me for not doing the work. They have first made me sign on their agreement after that they have done modifications in that agreement to trap me as it was a soft copy not hard copy. Please help me to get out of their trap. Due to Covid, I am already facing financial crises. On top of that they are threatening me. Please help!!