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Madhurima Agarwal posted this 29 September 2020

I got a call from shine on 21/09/2020, Monday at 1:20 pm from 9558095494 Mahi Tiwari. She told that she is from shine. She told that there is a job of 7 days in which I would have to fill 600 resume in 600 forms in 7 days then I would paid 18000Rs then I asked her that if I would be unable to do 600 Resume before deadline then she told ki Voh sab baad meh dekha jaayega then I told her that i need some time to think then in one hour she called me twice then at 3:55pm I told her that i would do it then she sent me agreement and all and then she told me that it's my free day. I could start my work from Tuesday from 22/09/2020 then I called her twice she did not receive my call. Then I read the agreement and I was so shocked to read the full it was written that you would have to pay 6500Rs if you would start doing the work and won't finish it till deadline and I did not even started doing it then I messaged her on watsapp and text message that my health is not fine and I won't be able to do it and I am informing you on the free day only that I won't be able to do it as I vomited a lot on Monday evening. Then today I got a mail that I have to pay 6500Rs at 12:41pm and 1170 Rs as GSt Total is 7670. I have not replied anything. I am kind of scared. And I am not paying also anything. I am a student and a Fresher's looking for jobs. Recently completed Master's. What steps I should take. Kindly suggest me. Thanks for your suggestions . Other numbers which were messaged by them to me are 8866783067, 8866783076, 8866783049 to take any help. If there will be any doubt.

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PriyadarshiniManickam posted this 14 November 2020

Even I am facing problems with this though I completed filling it all in the given time. Please do let me know if you know any way out of this fraud.

KrishnapriyaGupta posted this 5 weeks ago

I also got stuck with this fraud plss tell now what to do

venkateshkannnan posted this 4 weeks ago

I also signed the agreement but i found out that this was a scam. The amount of work they provide is highly impossible to complete within 7 days and most of the time their servers are down. But do not worry the agreement we have signed is fake and only to scare us to pay the money for not completing the work or having 90% accuracy. We can say the agreement is fake because there is not witness or a notary for the agreement. They haven't checked our eligibility for the work nor have they checked if we can pay a fee if we breach the contract. You're liable to pay a company in compensation fees only if they've spent some money for training you. For example you are placed in Infosys and you agree for a bond of 1 year with Infosys but you leave the company within 5-6 months then only Infosys has rights to file a case and ask for compensation because they've spent money on you for those 5-6 months . So do not worry about the lawyer(who is definitely fake) calling you saying he'll file a case and you'll have to pay some money to withdraw the case. Please do not pay a single rupee to these scammers 

shiwanisingh posted this 6 days ago

They are scamming Freshers as we are new and need job they are using our need as wepon , today only i got a call and i was mentally torched by group of female and male they were so rude Always asking for money please be don't fool and pay money