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ashishsharma posted this 12 September 2020

Hi ,

This is regarding complaint against fraud company Resume Filing surat Gujrat.

These people are presenting legal agreement and charging 6500 rs based on there rules and regulations:

As per rules they have given :

1.The Second Party shall complete the services of the said Data entry work in six(6) days TAT period, i.e., maximum 600 resumes can be completed within a period of 6 days. The Second Party alone shall be responsible for the maintenance of Hardware and Personnel for such timely services and no excuse of whatsoever Nature shall be entertained for delay in Supply of services, since Time is the Essence of this Contract

2. The payment for every resume will be INR 30 but achieving 90% accuracy is compulsory for this payment and compensation. If you will achieve accuracy below 90% then INR 2 will be given per accurate resume but completion of project is mandatory.

3. The accuracy will be determined per data processing of Resumes. If any Mistake is found such as Spelling error, Punctuation error, Extra Word, Missing word, Extra Space, Space Missing, Extra Enter or Enter Missing, then that form will be considered as Inaccurate resume and hence if accuracy falls below 90% then no payment shall be processed

4.The Test of the Accuracy shall be made by a determining Centre appointed by the Party of the First Party?s Associate/Partner (Resume filling) and the Report of such Accuracy subject to procedure outlined below, would be Final and Conclusive, with no room for Disputing the Veracity of the same by the Party of the Second Part.


As per the post this has happened with people across country and since  people are not able to complete or achieve 90 % accuracy , the is sending legal notice to people.


This should end since it is completely a fraud company taking advantage of jobless people by frauding with them and taking their hard earned money in such crises situation.

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TechnicalBakchodi posted this 09 October 2020

Hi , This is totaly fraud this people show a legal agreement of resume filling so plzz no one crab on her trap This people is tottaly fraud 


AnitKumar posted this 14 October 2020

Sir am also going through this resume filling .com and asked for 40k otherwise I will be in jail. And lots more by company help me out sir please my mobile number is 7235011953 please guide me on this please

SumitParashar posted this 16 October 2020

Bhai ,they are totally fake and fraud.... Ek bhi paisa mat dena .... Kuch nhi krenge bs call or email pr hi threatt denge .... Ignore them

VANDANASRIVASTAVA posted this 20 November 2020

Hello sir,

I also received same work and doing presently from Should I quit the work. and please tell me if I quit, then what they will do.

VANDANASRIVASTAVA posted this 20 November 2020

How will I manage if they will perplex me. please tell me as soon as possible

AabadHaider posted this 23 November 2020

Leave asap and better you launch a online cyber crime complain against them or atleast tag @cybergujarat on twitter and write about your problem maine bbi yehi kiya

AnkitaDas posted this 05 April 2021

Hello sir I also received work from there and signed the agreement too ,but I didn't complete it. But now they are giving me threat that they are going to block my adhar card, and will send legal notice to my father's address if I won't pay them.