Prc solution fraud job

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SantoshPadhi posted this 25 August 2020

Prc solutions(Rahul singh) a company called me on 7 august asked me to work as to fill captcha daily 500 , i told them i will do it after 15 august as I was not well now they are asking for money and threatning me to take legal action against me .now i giving their number rahul- +918657718778 hr manager +917313524000 advocate +917874152593 i thought it was fraud so i didnt worked for them

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GurunathRawool posted this 26 August 2020

they are fraud even i am in same problem they are also thretening me just avoid them it is the same prc solution

SantoshPadhi posted this 27 August 2020

Hnn bhai mene us number ko apne lawyer friend ko diya usne band baja diya unka email id

AkshayDhurandhar posted this 29 August 2020

same here, I have received their mail. My father said not to be afraid, I think it's their business..that's why they didn't ask me to work as o was ready to do it any time

Beauitful LifeBeautiful World posted this 29 August 2020

Haa bhai they are fraud same I didn't worked and tried calling thier number after registration and they didn't even picked my number. And now they sending m emails and told them to go ahead and register case. Don't be afraid my friend

AyushMishra posted this 30 August 2020

They also called me for captcha work only on telephonic conversation, no documentation done not a single male I received from their side. Now yesterday I received a mail by above mentioned mail id and threatening me to pay 8k. They are fraud even their advocate too.

SantoshPadhi posted this 30 August 2020

Same number were u called

VishalSabhadinde posted this 30 August 2020

This same happened with me.... They called and said you didn't complete your work so submit your penalty amout or face legal issue ... I told them I am ready to face it legally... It's a scam... Don't entertain them

MantuMandal posted this 31 August 2020

If such kind of fraud is happened with you also, if anybody loss money due to such companies or such companies blackmailing to anybody,Contact 9552304798 . This is victim's number. This victim knows everything about such data entry fraud companies and their fake fabricated agreements and typing work. This victim had already filed FIR against this all data typing fraud form filling companies. These data typing companies blackmailed and ransom a huge amount from this victim also.That's why this victim had filed FIR legally. If you lost your money due to such data entry form filling fraud then, contact that number. This victim can help and guid you properly. And Legally go to your nearest police station and launch FIR agianst these fraud companies. Police will definitely help you to get back your money and you will get all evidences regarding these fraud form filling data Typing fraud companies and that fraud bastards. लेकिन, वो form filling data typing captcha filling works and all सब कुछ धोखाधड़ी है। जो data typing work उन्होंने आपको दिया है वह वास्तविकता में मौजूद नहीं है। वे विदेशी देशों के लोगों के व्यक्तिगत विवरण उनके बैंक खाते का विवरण हमें ऑनलाइन डेटा टाइपिंग नौकरी के रूप में देते हैं। और इस प्रकार के कार्य वास्तविक में मौजूद नहीं हैं। सरल और सामान्य ज्ञान यह है कि, अन्य देश अपने नागरिकों के व्यक्तिगत विवरण और उनके खाते का विवरण किसी अन्य देश के नागरिकों को ऑनलाइन डेटा entry form filling work को भरने के लिए क्यों देंगे? हमारा भारत देश कभी भी अपनी नागरीकोंकी व्यक्तीगत विवरणे किसी अन्य देश की लोगॊंको कभी नही देगा. क्यॊंकी ये मामला सभी देश के नागरीकोंकी security का सवाल हे. ये लोग जो आपको data entry का work provide कर रहॆं हॆ वो illegal हॆ. वे कभी reality मे exist नहीं करता. ये data entry वाले लोग सिर्फ पॆसोंके लिये फर्जी agreements ऒर फर्जी वकील के जरीये नोटिस भेजके लोगॊंको डराधमकाकर लोगॊंसे पॆंसे हडप रहें हॆ. लोग उनकी बातॊंपर सच मानकर उनको पॆसाभी दे रहॆं हें क्योंकी लोगॊंको ये Fraud के बारे में कम पता हॆं. ऒर वो fraud लोग आम लोगोंको इसतरहा blackmail करते हॆ जिससे आम लोगॊंको उनकी बातॆं सच लगे ऒर फिर लोग उनको डर के मारे पॆसा भरदेते हॆ. ये उनका कामधन्दा सब Fraud हे. कोई भी इसमे ना फसे ऒर उनको पॆसे ना भरे. अगर किसीने पॆसे भरदिये हों तोह सिधा police station मॆ जाकर इन fraud लोगोंके खिलाफ FIR दर्ज करवायें. पोलिस आपको पॆसे उनसे लॊटवायेगी ऒर उनको सजा दिलवायेगी. इनसब Data entry fraud का Mastermind एक ही हॆ वो हॆ नितेश विजयकुमार खवानी जो सुरत वापी ऒर अन्य जगह सें गुजरात से ये fraud धंदा अभी भी चलवारहा हॆ.

Don't be afraid and dont pay any money/amount to such companies. They all are fraud and fake. The data typing Work which they giving to people are also totaly fake and fabricated. Such type of typing works which they giving to people are fraud and never exist in real. I got some information regarding this online form filling data typing jobs main culprit nitesh Vijaykumar khawani that, already two FIR had registered against this fraud companies mastermind owner Nitesh khawani 1st FIR number 371/2016 in pune city in Maharashtra state @ year 2016 in sinhagadh police station Pune and 2nd FIR number 130/2019 in Jalgaon Maharashtra also @ year 2019 in Ramanand Nagar police station Jalgaon by a lady student. I searched alot regarding these fraud I found that Jalgaon session court rejected nitesh khawani' bail application. This is the main evidence that he is realy doing a fraud in all over india and he and his partners ransom and taking money from evry poor students by giving fake fabricating court notice, fake Advocate notice and threatening to file civil or criminal suit if we refused to pay money to that data typing companies. Jalgaon session court already proved that nitesh Vijaykumar khawani has got catches in such criminal activities and criminal antecedents so that prove that he is history sheeter. I request you to take action against such kind of criminal minded person. He and his crime partner minhaz Patel also harassed me for money and threatening me to finish me my carrier. I can proved that criminal action is taken against fraud nitesh khawani in Jalgaon Maharashtra also FIR number 0130/2019 has registered against him in Jalgaon cyber crime police station. Everybody search on ecourt website to get Jalgaon session court order ( CNR number MHJG040009502020 ) which proves that nitesh/Nilesh khawani is really a fraud man and shows his active involvment in such crime and still he is doing same fraud present time also in a cool mind having intention to cheat, harass people to take money from them.


File Complaint against them on this link If u paid any amount to that fraud companies, contact jalgaon cyber crime police station and send them your writing complaint letter by post or by email regarding this data typing fraud with ur amount loss which u paid to that fraud data typing companies. Jalgaon cyber crime police are very clever, brilliant and helpful. they know about this type of data typing fraud. They will surely help u to get back your money from fraud data typing companies . Otherwise file complaint on this website National cyber crime portal will surely take action on your complaint and will recovered your money. If such kind of fraud and crimes happened with anybody, you have the right to speak out against such crimes. You have the right to lodge a written complaint with the police. Police will definitely teach a legal lesson to such fraudsters criminals.

Just as it is wrong to commit a crime by doing injustice to someone, it is also wrong to tolerate injustice. Nothing will happens by writing comments and complaints here. You have to take your own steps forward. I can only give you good advice. The rest is up to you.

praveen kumarjalwaniya posted this 05 September 2020

+919920064316 its name is priya Cimpany head manager no. +919726001128

Sir in logo ne mera id proof or mail id li or ek link beja jo inke khne pr mene inko de diya or ab us mail pr click krta hu to successfully registered bta rha hai

praveen kumarjalwaniya posted this 05 September 2020

Mera to kl 04/05/2020 registration huaa hai sir Aage kya hoga kesa advocate call krega kese baat krega bhut dar lg rha hai sir Plz help

HarenderSingh posted this 05 September 2020

It happened with me too.. there advocate called me n he is saying come to Gujrat court. I really don't know what to do..

Sanjay Mali posted this 07 September 2020

Please bro call me argently on 9689738911

Sanjay Mali posted this 07 September 2020

Sir please call me argently 9689738911

NikhilMohapatra posted this 12 September 2020

Bro please call me on 8368856833

NehaNeha posted this 12 September 2020

Hello I also received mail that they filed case. Please help me to get out of this. What is it exactly. Please reply to mu comment.

praveen kumarjalwaniya posted this 13 September 2020

Sare numbr block kr do kuch ni hoga ye sale froud hai Call pr faltu me matha khate hai baki case vase kuch ni hota inka

ShravaniManuboti posted this 15 September 2020

Same mere sath BHI yahi huwa h mujhe 9920064513 se call aiya ab wo log mujhe mail krk bol rhe h money pay krne k liye plz help kya krna Hoga ab

ShravaniManuboti posted this 15 September 2020

Kya such me aisa Kuch Nhi Hoga koi case wagera

NehaNeha posted this 17 September 2020

Dont worry guys, we all are proof for their fraud. So be united. If they harm anyone we all can take ligal action against them. Be updated here for everything.

MantuMandal posted this 17 September 2020

I am orginal Mantu Mondal and mere upar wale complain se koe connection nahi hai fake hain koy mera name use kr raha hain or o kon kar rahain hain o v Pata hain mere.

MantuMandal posted this 17 September 2020

I am orginal Mantu Mondal and mere upar wale complain se koe connection nahi hai fake hain koy mera name use kr raha hain or o kon kar rahain hain o v Pata hain mereko.

SatwinderKaur posted this 21 September 2020

I am in also same Problm.. They also threatning me again and again. Can u guys help what should I do nxt. Plz reply anyone

ShivaniYadav posted this 22 September 2020

nothing will happen they are fraud their advocate called me yesterday and told me I have to pay 16000 and for rejoining 27000 so just calm down they will do nothing to us. they don't have power but we have the power we can complain against them. if they scare you just told them I am going to register an FIR against you guys and then they stop calling you but don't give them money.

KISHOR KUMARDAS posted this 24 September 2020

yes ,i am also a victim of this fraud company.same thing happened to me also, they called me for captcha work only on telephonic conversation done, no documentation done not a single thing .Now today just an hour ago I received a call mentioned that i have to clear the dues of the company otherwise court will take legal action. and i said i am ready for any legal action and also i recorded their call from the beginning of the day so i have a proof also. They are fraud for sure even their advocate.

Advocate Number-8866005120

called for Verification of work ,number is- 9726001128

Sushant (first person who called for this work)- 8657718797 

KISHOR KUMARDAS posted this 24 September 2020

so what did you do ?? now are they stopped  calling you ?

You told them like this your problem solved right ?

MadhusudanShelar posted this 24 September 2020

Im also going through same problem.I refuse to work with them & they threatening me to give them 5400₹.We all need to United and fight against this fraud company PRC solution.

Rashmi RekhaDas posted this 26 September 2020

My Name is Rashmi Rekha Das i am from odisha Meri compaint ye hai ki me home based job k liye apply ki thi mujhe 16/09/2020 ko cal aya tha mujhe work diya gay bola gay ki 8 days me 1200 from submitted karna hai agar nhin karpayein to 6000 mujhe company ko pay karna hoga or agar kardiyein to company mujhe 30,000 se 6000 katk salary degi 6000 jo ki registration fee hota hai Me first time ye work karrehi thi so me by mistake ek from chhordi but me apna work 22/09/2020 ko complete ki thi me mam ko contact kark puchi thi submitted kaise karna hai to mam jaise batayein me ki but submitted hua nhin. So me mam ko scree short lek whatsap me send ki ho nhin raha me peheli bar ye work karrehi thi mujhe kaise pata chalega ki from chhut gay hai 1200 from kaise check karti so me company k helpline no. Pe contact ki jo mail id me aya tha 23/09/2020 ko but not available aya 3no number but use pehele me 22/09/2020 ko mam se contact ki but unhone koi response nhin diya. 23/09/2020 ko me fir cal ji to sabhi contact number switchof or not available aya me isiliye contact ki thi q ki meri from submitted nhin horehi thi or me ye peheli bar karrehi hun to mujhe nhin pata tha kaise kahan check karna hai. 24/09/2020 ko me fir contact ki to mam rcv kiye or check kark bolein ki ek from submitted nhin hua hai or agar mujhe extra day lek karna hai work completed to 3000 pay karna hoga. Jab ki me submission date k ek din pehele se hi contact ki thi but kisika call nhin laga ishme company galti hai number dek jarurat k time ph of kardete hein or agar submit na ho paye to peise mangte hein or na de pao to curt police station ki dhamki dete hein. Mujhe ab cal araha hai pay nhin ki to mujhe pay karna hoga jab ki galti company balo ki hai or jo mam sir hume contact kiyein thein unki unhon asal time pe ph of kiyein. Mere pas proof hai ki me cal kark contact karne ki koshis ki thi cal recording v hai or screen short jo me mam ko veji thi.

Rashmi RekhaDas posted this 03 October 2020

Plz contact me my email adress Plz urgebts

ShivinKumrawat posted this 24 November 2020

I got a call today of some leagal advocate. He confirmed my address and said you will receive a notice either pay alor face legal action. Unfortunately I shared my adhar card with them in Aug and now these fraud people are calling and messaging again

Maheshrandive posted this 30 November 2020

Mujhe aaj hi call aya tha penalty bharne ke liy. Bolta hai pay karna padega warna aapko court me ana padega apke family ke sath . Mai bahut dar gaya hun . Such me aisa kich nahi hai na plz help me