Online Work Company Fraud

  • Last Post 26 December 2018
Kapil DevTiwari posted this 26 December 2018

I searched  and applied for online work through quikr and olx.

Companies contacted and i got a work of online form filling  by a company with various names PAY WAY ENTERPRISE contacted by

Executive Name Vishal Shah M:   8956016269 & 8956016274 different mobile contact each time with company email work address 

signing through aadhaar on address

searching and asking for credibility as i found complaint that is no such problem of concern, i work for a few day filled about 100+ form . Due to system connectivity and working failure i responded to vishal shah that i wont be able to do the work in time.

i have got a letter to pay back RS:80000 - 90000 otherwise face the court please check as company is just want to remain aside so a lot of consumers facing such a fraud with unregisterest companies running server from foreign land with no local govt registered name and ownership public with email of public server such a mistake i must have already checked before else get cheated and thugged .


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Kapil DevTiwari posted this 26 December 2018

poeple should check company registration on govt ministry website with location of server and ownership and company profile before getting work to join