Online scam of rupiya star

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SubanKhan posted this 15 February 2021

Rupiya star is online earn app the app fraud me my account is locked I m from poor family

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FarukAnsari posted this 13 March 2021


jagannaths posted this 18 March 2021

I lost personally 55k using this software on march 17th 2021. The aircraft as said by them has gone to -1lac on this day and took all the money and the poor people like me who cannot recharge 1 lac to keep up the plane has suffered huge loss around 40k to 70k. The company doesn't support or gave us single penny after that, instead we were asked to recharge more 10k to use this software or else the permission will be rejected. Don't use this app, use it only if you have more than 1 and half lacs in hand, then also the money you are recharging will not be guarenteed. you will be brainwashed to add more members under you so that you can become agent and earn more commissions. They will give money at the starting and will push you down at one stage. The poor people like me are the sufferers

SaiRam posted this 19 March 2021

Bro call to this NUM he will help u +44 7312 681524 I also got lost he helped me he is the only active teacher right now

allylkr posted this 25 March 2021

No one will help you in this...they will lure us with some 1-2k profits and after that they will drain you down. Its a scam. Please listen to us. Ive lost almost 2 lakhs on this. Most of the members here lost lots of money and buried in debts.

vivekparmar posted this 26 March 2021

One more Fraud Admin Name : Mr. Iverson Contact : +44 7310 763070

I lost big amount due to this admin’s wrong commitment and fraud strategies!

please help us to recover at-least our own money ! kindly do the needful.

pnkreddyreddy posted this 5 days ago

lost month i have lose 2.4 laks  17/4/2021 any body help to responce my group members not responce