Online Fraud on Name of Amazon

  • Last Post 05 July 2022
KaranJoshi posted this 06 August 2021

(Kartik) Amazon urgently recruiting for part-time jobs, you can earn 3000-10000 Rs every day, add Whatsapp: Got this message on phone...we talked and then they convince me for work as they said that they are long term cooperation with Amazon merchants. Then she explained the process and asked me to come on TELEGRAM for further work. She told me to perform 5 order tasks and after completing it I will get the commission in my account. First they send me the commission in my account around Rs.500 and next day she again messaged me for further work. I replied yes and that day she asked me to deposit Rs.1000 and start the task. But suddenly they changed the process by saying that the commission in this process increased by 50% and tasks also increased from 5 to 8. But for that I have to deposit some amount also. After sometime they asled for more amount as my order is in waiting to complete as my moneyc recharged in it finished and I cant complete the task without the money. As commission is very much high that I can see so for that I again recharged with Rs.4700 and after 2 orders again they done the same thing. They asked me to recharged with more amount as the order amount is high and commissions were also high now. I again recharged with Rs.14700 to complete the order as its shows its last order but suddenly same messgae popup like earlier in the start and my orders again incresed . They again ask for more money to complete my order and take the commission in my account. But now I startrd to realise that this will never stop as it is a SCAM and I am robbed by them. I talked to the lady again in Telegram about this but she told me that I have to complete the task to have to money in my account otherwise whole money will be freezed and It will take 15 days to unfreezed. After 15 days it will be reviewed that why its feeezed or cancelled and then Merchant will charge lots money from the amount freezed as a loss of company and I will only gets 20% of the money from Which I have to complete the task again. Means I cant take that money out also. Its my 2nd complaint in this but I cant see any progress in that. I cant understand when there are lots of complaints about this particular company then why the Cybercell are not able to catch them or close the company.. Please catch them fast as many people will be saved from Robbery

AdithyaPremchandra posted this 05 July 2022

I have been recently frauded on the basis of a part time job and lost 45,000 rupees to the fraudster. I would like to submit a formal complaint as I have recorded all transaction details and website screenshots.

Name of Online agent : Yolande Cortez(Melonie) Mobile number : 8609707138/9986890879

(fraud website running commission based scams),similar to this :


fraudster matches the same description as mentioned by Karthik and I request the Cyber Crime division to take this matter up immediately