I was a student. One day I was searching online jobs which helps me to earn and i was got jobsearchnet. In site and I was registered to job and i was got an sms from that site to whatsApp some specifed number. I whatsApp them they said that it was non payable job and some basic instructions. And then they got my adress proof and sent a link to register. I too registered by signing too because that agreement was made me to trust that was true. And I was informed them about my registration was done they said to start the work by giving user id and password and link . Link contains 600 resumes which was can't even identify the details easily and i have to fill the particulars. But lots of troubles I was faced in that website and I also informed them but they gave me a 4 phone numbers to clear my doubts. That 4 numbers are not really answered me either it was busy or switch off. And I got doubt and I reviwed about the website I was shocked that they have lots of spam reports and consumer complaints . Now they are threating me to pay some of amount as penalty and they are threatening me that I will face some legal actions in Gujarat. But I am strong that the fault is not on me because their website was not worked and they are fraud. But I have to know that any one faced legal actions from this spammers or any one faced bold without giving money to them?