How to get the money from Global chat platform channel

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luxurymm posted this 3 days ago

I got a message in WhatsApp and he told that it is a onli e part time. Initially they paid for the YouTube videos i watch, and then they asked to invest 1000rs and get 30% commision and then they increased the amount to complete the tasks, they told we will get money only if we complete the tasks. Even if we complete the tasks they are asking to pay the personal tax of 30% and handling fees as 20%, gst of 20%. Even if we pay that, they told the money got freezed and i need to pay 20% amount to unfreeze that. It seems they will only getting the money. I just paid more than my invested amount to get my actual amount. They told that the handling fees is refundable in 3days but still I didn't get that. And i haven't received the receipt for tax payment aswell. They are doing it in telegram where there will be no phone number and no information regarding that. So be aware of those. I lost nearly 10lac from them. The website link is

Please help me to get the money

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luxurymm posted this 2 days ago

May i know how this process works?

AbhishekBhambri posted this yesterday

Same thing happened with me any way to get my money back Luxury i also gave all my hard earned money to them

AbhishekBhambri posted this yesterday

Is there any way to get my money back from them

AbhishekBhambri posted this yesterday