Google task Group and doing scam by prepaid task member and making fraud from COINLISTPRO

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PavnKumar posted this 11 March 2023

I have received a message from Whatsapp saying, "Are you looking for a job? and I am really looking for a job at that time. I asked them how they got my number, and she said from a job site. I said okay, and she requested that I please search for a hotel name in Google Maps and send me the screenshot she gave. I agreed and did it. She said you will get paid for it, Rs 150. Please go to Telegram and search for Receptionist (Vanita) and give the code that I am providing. The receptionist requested my banking details, and she gave me Rs. 150. And the next day they have added me to a group task, and by searching for 3 tasks that they give in telegram, once upon search in Google Map, you need to send the screenshot to the receptionist, and they pay 150 rupees, and they are having prepaid tasks for which we need to pay 2000Rs, 5000Rs, etc., so I have selected 2000Rs, and they contact me in telegram with the number + 639262103611 (Bhat, call him as teacher), who asks me to register to COINLISTPRO and asks me the balance, which is $2800, and they promise to pay Rs. 2800 once we join the group.

Once I registered, they paid me 2800rs, in the next prepaid task, we couldn't go with 2000rs, so we selected 5000rs, and all amount paid to given UPI/Banking details in telegram (Sangam youth foundation), and now they took me to new group created in which only four member are there and requested to do four tasks, in the first task, they asked me to pay 29000 otherwise you will lose the task, if you pay 29000 you will get 43000 instead and i have paid it, and they given the other task to pay 66000 rs., and I have requested that since I don't have money I can't give back my money, but they said, "No, you need to continue other wise your amount will freeze, please pay 66000 your amount will be 108000." I have paid the 66000 and they requested that I pay back the amount; then they said that your credit score is not up to the mark and you need to complete more tasks; otherwise, we don't pay the amount and the system won't transfer the money, So I have again paid the 68000 plus the 68000 I borrowed from friends and relatives, and my credit score reached 100.

I have requested that they pay my amount, which is 370100 rs, and now they are saying you need to pay 30% tax as the total amount is huge; only then will we release the money, and you need to complete the legal formality of paying tax. Once you pay the tax amount, then only we will release the amount; otherwise, your account will freeze and we won't pay you money. You have only 24 hours to pay the money. (Telegram name is Sunlight; +1 581 207356) showed him the finance department.


I lost nearly 245,000 rupees, I learned my lesson, and I am making this statement only to ensure that no other person falls victim to this scam.

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SaumyaKatiyar posted this 11 March 2023

Hello PavnKumar,

same scam happened with me as well. Kindly report this very same over CyberCrime portal. There may be chances that you can recover your money from banks.

PavnKumar posted this 11 March 2023

I am not sure, bro., and I don't think anyone can help us because 100 of peoples are getting scammed every day, and I see most of the complaints are related to the same social media fraud. If Cyber Crime took any action, it would have saved others from the scams. 

PrudhviNeelisetty posted this 22 March 2023

Same thing happened to me ,is there any chance to recovery money

Kaushal posted this 20 April 2023

this scam is on telegram. I am also a victim. Needs to be taken up seriously.

anandarg posted this 18 June 2023

Biggest scam going on right now.Even a very careful person is getting trapped by the technique they are using. A bunch of people will be there in the group where all of them are frauds and they keep sharing the screenshots. This needs to taken seriously.

AslamMuhammed posted this 04 July 2023

Same thing happened to me 2 days before ..iam ready to share details if it is helping others as well

MagzTandog posted this 13 July 2023

Hi, can anyone help me to recover my money?

ZiaudeenS posted this 14 July 2023

I too lost money , how to recover it

Anil posted this 14 July 2023

Cyber cell head office whatsapp number +91 93812 23836

NiteshKapase posted this 21 September 2023

Same has happened with me too Please help us to recover the money

NiteshKapase posted this 21 September 2023

AshaP posted this 08 October 2023

Same has happened with me too Please help us to recover the money

ReizaSilviana posted this 3 weeks ago

same thing happened to me, although i did not fall to their tricks. here's the number of the person who approached me for the job through Whatsapp, saying she's an HR: +62 815455958390. And the person who acted as "the receptionist" handling and transferring the money in telegram: +6281362056042

Please be careful if someone offers you a job by completing a very easy task and then asks you to pay in order to get your salary.