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prateekjain posted this 22 September 2020

Request for Help.

I am normal minimum working person and lots of responsibility over me i am trying to do some extra work and earn something in this lock down period  but this type of company is down our moral. they pay us besides work done by us they are asking for payment from my side this is not acceptable, here details for company and process please let me know if  anything is missing and pls help me out of this. 

1-Got reference for resume update from one of my friend dated 11-09-2020

2-After discussion on no(8866783320) ready to do the same and started resume filling Job from 11-09-2020.

3-Website not showing 20 entries which i entered in 11-09-2020

Condition of company-600 resumes in 7 days( Not possible in 7 days each resume time taken at least 15 Minutes)

Accuracy required 90% (Also Not possible)

I have done 20 Resume till 11th September and before i am asking the payment they send me legal notice and threatening message to me to Pay penalty of Rs.6500 due to not done 600 Resume in 7 days.

Every day message mail given me for legal action against me really this is fraud company 

Message text me Day 22nd Sep-2020

My Name.....Legal action case ID UL/92841E is going for legal proceeding  kindly hire a lawyer and go for further process.We at Resume are going to legal action proceeding under section 73,74,75 in the Indian contract act-1872 due to violating the contract NO-88667-83377.

Message text me Day 23rd April 2020

This is Inform you that your case has been registered in session court of Surat (Gujrat) your hearing date is ---------,your reporting time is 11.35 am at room number 602 B/O(Surat Court)Call for more details 888667-83377..

SO kindly help me out for that

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NITESHMOURYA posted this 15 October 2020

Sir Same situation is main also. I got your ID password yesterday.  I told the same things. but I there said to me legal action against me. plz, help me out from this.


mohnish41 posted this 15 October 2020

is there job

don't worry now chek given link and compare legal  case id(My Name.....Legal action case ID UL/92841E is going for legal proceeding) they are just jumbeled numbers.


here u find rahul kumar zxb person see his snap(case id is same as yours ------UL/48291E----



what a idiot are they


i have also face this issue

mail me if any

RHNMusic posted this 21 October 2020

Hey dear friends, I am Advocate Rihan from Himachal Pradesh High Court. Same incident happened with my client. I am here filling a legal suit against this particular company. I request you all please mail me your happenings and screenshots of messages (if possible) on

I'll be thankful

DileepVerma posted this 05 November 2020

Sir Same situation is main also. I got your ID password sometime. I told the same things. but I there said to me legal action against me. plz, help me out from this. THIS IS TO INFORM YOU THAT YOUR CASE HAS BEEN REGISTERED IN SESSION COURT OF SURAT (GUJARAT) YOUR HEARING DATE IS 09-11-2020 NOVEMBER 2020. YOUR REPORTING TIME IS 11:35 AM AT ROOM NUMBER 602 B/O (SURAT COURT) CALL FOR MORE DETAILS +9188668 66387

Kalyani Kolhe posted this 05 November 2020

I have also register for the resume filling. They send me the same agreement. What should I do?

MohitKhanna posted this 16 December 2020

Please help .... right now i am facing this issue

swetha ushasharma posted this 13 January 2021

Same issue and I am checking the agreement papers and last I am going to sign the document but unfortunately by mistake in hurry I had drew 3 verticals line and suppose to clear the vertical lines but I have clicked submit the form. I have asked a lady named simran regarding the sign. she told me to login and sign again. I could not and told her same thing and after sometime she told me she received my sign. I have asked how can you get the sign as I have not even wrote my name. They gave me the id and password and in that I have checked my agreement, which was forged by them and there are telling me that I have signed it.

My aadhar number was with them. I am totally worried about it after seeing this scam

Does any thing can be done by using the aaddhaar number?

Please help me out any one 

swetha ushasharma posted this 13 January 2021

After that how you came out from this scam can you please tell me 

Shivtiwari posted this 18 March 2021

I can help you contact me on 9340572392 or

NarinderKaur posted this 30 March 2021

i have also face this issue

mail me if any

Please help .... right now i am facing this issue

NarinderKaur posted this 30 March 2021

Can you please help me

HARSHASreenath posted this 31 March 2021

I also Trapped with Resume to Fill Fraud.  What to do next.???

Pls help Anyone ??   And please share the further experiences of persons who had overcome this issue?

ManasaChinthala posted this 3 weeks ago

I lost my money from the same fraud...I have all the payment slips and was fake I realized it but their threatening about sending notice made me tensed and made the payment...I lost 10,000...can you please punish those is due to our negligency that we trusted them for income earning purpose but can you please help others not getting to loss like this please 🙏 😢

PrasiddhiVanja posted this 2 weeks ago

 Hi All,

Sadly I didn't check the whereabouts of this company before entering into an agreement with them & now even I am a victim of their cheap thrills. Same old thing- sending legal notice & threatening, again and again, to pay the same in half an hour's time.

The company doesn't even have a logo of its own (verified from the employee of the company himself). Advocates out here, could you please please look into the company's doings and save some innocent people whose only intention is to earn using such tough times!

If you need any further details, please mail me on

shwetaVaishnavi posted this 5 days ago


Same happen with me.. Day before i was searching for part time job on linkedin, i saw there post about resume filling company, i messaged her(Harmeet 9319157106), She told me to sign a contract luckily i was having lunch that time but she continuously calling me to sign, i thought i should check about company before signing, then i saw number of complaints against this FAKE Company. i simply told her, you are harrasing others, there are number of complaints against you..From that time i didn't recieved any message from her side till now. But we should sue back this company for trapping innocent peoples. Below is the name of consultancy who provides these kind of fraud jobs This whole consultancy itself is fraud there are number of peoples involved and every job post you apply they will provide you the resume filling job. Everyone kindly search this on linkedin, report this,Please share this as much as you can, i reported the job post which was shared by this lady Harmeet, and today there is no post of that job.

Company NSMART SOLUTION Company Location Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh,ss


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shwetaVaishnavi posted this 5 days ago

Sir there is whole consultancy department involved in it, they trap people by assuring them that there will be no registration fees. 

consultancy name you can check on linkedin :SMART SOLUTION 

Company Locat Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh there are number of people who posts different jobs for different designation but if you message them on whatsapp, you will got to know they will only provide you the description of resume filling job.