Bunch of women's came to my house told that they are advertising for Horlicks and need to click a photo of me half still a photo of me to prove to someone that they have advertised till this or that place ,then they asked me to call to a number. After calling on that number that is -1800 120 170 170 . I got the message Thanks for contacting HUL.Code 70509309.By sharing it you confirm your age as 18+ & agree to receive communication from HUL.Visit - www.unilevernotices.com Thank you for contacting HUL. You have already been assigned a Unique code.Your Unique Code is : 70509309

Then I Shared this code to them and they left . The question is which type of advertising needs a persons personal number and need to call to a number for a fuckin ad .They even did this with everyone in the street ; doesn't make sense for those who don't have kids ,and what they were having is a bag with 8 to 10 pouches of Horlicks of ₹5. Scams frauds and whatnot they even gave me a number of their head in the area I live .This is the number 6261993501.I talked to this guy and he told me to come and meet in his office if there's any problem. And described the same story as those women's did . Know before you give your details to anyone, have enough information and knowledge about the process or use of your data you are giving .My mistake I gave it call before giving it a thought.