duped of rs 1.05 lacs from person who is claiming DEEPAK PAWAR ARMY PERSONNEL

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SandeepWadhawan posted this 20 January 2023

I got call from person who is claiming his name is Deepak Pawar, army personnel.  He sent his Aadhar, PAN, Assam Rifles ID No. 141928.  As per his saying he was going to retire from Army and want to purchase a house in Delhi.  He whatsapp his documents to me which look too authentic and said he will transfer Rs. 50000/- as token money to us.  I said to transfer through NEFT or deposit in our account, but he said there is process in Army Merchant account and using ICICI BC card.  He was repeatedly saying "verdi ko dag nahi lagane denge and at starting he always said "jai hind".  So after his frequent requests and his comments about trust on army.  So I Login my Gpay and then he gave me account No. 048101505265 IFSC ICIC0001127  and said just have balance in my account after completion of this transaction I will get money.  But Rs. 25000/- deducted and he asked again to put Rs. 5000/- but that was deducted from my account then again he said to get the refund I will have to deposit Rs. 75000/- in my account to equal the balance.  I deposited Rs. 75000/- which was again deducted.  Thus a total amount of Rs. 1,05,000/- was taken by him.  He always call from  his whatapp no. 9749464908 (name Gorav Indian Army) and Deepak Pawar's No. 9680126408 and 9734339207.  

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HinnaMonga posted this 23 January 2023

Exactly similar incident on 20 jan'23 but different contact number# 7735671351 and Icici bank account number (048101505262) . We have lost 1.24 lacs with the similiar pressure he created using Army name. This gang is highly active and doing multiple scams per day. Pls let us know if any action taken on your complaint?

SreedharHiriyur posted this 09 April 2023

Even I too was a target for Rs. 50k . To gain confidance i transferred Rs. 10 once , he transferred back Rs. 10 twice. After that I found him suspicious ,that is when I googled it for Army reverse card transaction and found this fraud , i blasted him and left off.

BiswajitBhattacharya posted this 02 May 2023

This guy contacted me and agreed to buy my property without even seeing it. It sounded fishy to me and when I searched in the internet , got to know he has done many financial crime with the name of Deepak Pawar. The numbers he used are 8486298652, 7223902983, 6913219263

VinodPadmanabha Iyer posted this 31 May 2023

Exact same experience I had. But I was a little cautious, so didnt loose any money. It was the same way. He agreed to buy without even seeing the property. Initially i thought he was genuine. But then after researching i found it was fraud.

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MohanBhat posted this 03 June 2023

This incident happened to me today. Just now. I posted an ad in no broker for my property for rent. This guy by name Deepak pawar called and gave me all the documents aadhaar, pan, military card etc. And he tried to ask me 25000 as processing fee for rental and said it would be refunded along with rent. Got suspicious and checked in Google and found out about him.

MohanBhat posted this 03 June 2023

The number he used is 78774 82618

SayantanSengupta posted this 12 June 2023

 We have been also robbed of 1.7 lac by the same fraudsters. Please let us know anyone about any updates. Whether any refund has been granted or not? Please feel free to contact me-8420499091 Name-Sayantan Sengupta 

ananthapadmanabhan posted this 21 June 2023

Thanks for all valuable updates. My uncle posted advert on two major portals for sale of his two apartments in Chennai. Again Deepak Pawar with Phone number 8249108738 called him and negotiated the price with out even seeing the apartment. Excuse was that he is currently in Jammu and has been transferred to Chennai. He wanted to transfer an advance of Rs 1 lakh today and asked for bank account details and document copies. I got suspicious and the internet search proved it, thanks to all the reporting. In his What'sapp profile photo he has used the Army Officer - Deepak Pawar's photo with child. He called to follow up and at this I took the phone and spoke to him in Hindi. I suggested that we better meet in person in chennai so that he can see the apartment and we can also meet him. He was upset and I learnt a few hindi abuses from him.

SwabarnaMukherjee posted this 22 June 2023

Just three days ago...this person duped me of Rs24,500...wanted to take my apartment in rent..this gang is highly active....don't know..how many people would be victimized more..!!

RachanaGullannavar posted this 27 June 2023

Seems they are still active. Just got a whatsapp msg and missed call frm same name but different phone number asking for my apartment details.

vanishreera posted this 30 June 2023

He saw our house rent as in Magic bricks, called us saying he is working in defence, got transferred, need urgent house ready to transfer amount immediately. But he said that in military accounts rules we have to follow, there should be 2 way transaction, so I transferred 1rs, he refunded 1rs to me. Similarly he said to transfere 30k, which was house rent advance, which will be refunded immediately. It is our mistake we transferred. Then he said transaction is wrong, it cannot be done anything, can't reverse. This is how he fooled us giving reasons that Military accounts needs 2 way transaction for records. Please nab him wherever he is. We have the proofs , which would help you to nab this fraud person.

AyanOmer posted this 03 July 2023

Same happened to me too, but thanks to a senior of mine got saved before giving my bank details.

His numbers are now 8018214186 & 7735515913

VinayChaudhary posted this 16 July 2023

+91 84078 37804. They tried to scam in the name of indian army

MurugadossS.P posted this 29 September 2023

His current number is 6003340580 . I was not prey ... this forum helped to identify. Similar modus operandi I got suspicious when he said he will transfer 2 lakhs immediately without seeing property on the same day :)