Deepak bajranj pawar scam ( claimed as Army man )

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keshavtiwari posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi all ,Please note these 4 mobile numbers  ( 9272195516 , 9580528521 ,9301596343 ,6387317109 )above and be careful if they connect with you or your family. 

Let me share this story her . Yesterday night, I put a rental ad on regarding one of the flats for rental purposes. Since this morning, these 4 people have kept contacting me. The guy @deepak pawar who is interested in a flat for his family, has confirmed to me that he spoke with his wife and they are ready to takeover on April 10. Meanwhile, he wanted to give token money to block the flat for his family .He also said that he is from the @Indian Army and carries subedar rank and his company pay HRA . He told me that he is from MP Satna and is ready to take over my flat. He has not even negotiated anything regarding rent, security advance, or maintenance. 

since morning, we have connected multiple times and asked for my bank details to transfer the fund as token money . When I shared my bank account details and other things, he said that I had to log in to my HDFC netbanking and add him. once its done, i need to transfer any amount so that they can do the reversal and transfer the fund to me . The moment he explained the procedure, it suddenly clicked in my mind, and I refused to do so. 

Then again, he called me and said that this is the army procedure, and they do reversal payments, and the next three years they'll follow the same. I told him that I could not follow this procedure as there are many frauds around, so he suggested I use Gpay or Paytm with a similar reversal payment procedure. 

At last, I told him that I did not want to follow any of the activities and did not intend to give him a him a flat on rent, and then I disconnected the call. 

My humble request to all the men and women is: please do not trap yourselves in such stupid thing . Do not add or share your details with anyone without confirming. Everyone must educate their family members too. thanks



SrinivasanE posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Don't trust these 4 mobile numbers ( 9272195516 , 9580528521 ,9301596343 ,6387317109 )above and be careful if they connect with you or your family.

Same way they tried to cheat careful..