Many UK-based elderly who want to stay healthy have fallen prey to miracle medicines sold as part of the Sanda Wellbeing scam. The telesales staff part of the Sanda Wellbeing fraud targeted affluent elders with a credit card or debit card for selling high-value nutrition supplements.

The Sanda Wellbeing fraud telesales staffs were found to be based in BPOs in Mumbai and Goa. Also, the people representing similar bogus companies sold nutritional supplements in large quantities and claimed nutritional values that were found to be inappropriate.

Thousands of pounds from customers have already gone into the pockets of the Sanda Wellness bogus company and other fraud companies that are operating under different names. There are several cases filed in India and the UK against Sanda Wellbeing and the people associated with the company.

Sanda Wellbeing was found guilty by the Warwickshire County Council for inappropriate sales of nutritional supplements to elderly in the UK. For details about this case, visit:

Additional Metropolitan Magistrate, Andheri court issued summons to Vijay Dalwani, Director and Ajit Patel, Founder Chairman of Sanda Wellbeing Private Limited.

Several consumer complaints have been recorded in online forums against Sanda Wellbeing and similar companies such as Souza Healthcare Ltd. and Elbon Wellbeing. To read Sanda Wellness reviews online, visit: