Arcadeon Enterprises (fake company)

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DiptanshuBhandari posted this 3 weeks ago

Arcadeon Enterprises is fake company for data entry. Never trust to them. They will tell you that there is no need to pay registration fees and it will be deducted from your first salary , but they make you signed a fake stamp paper in which they ask for 3000-8000 ruppes if there would be more than 10percent error or multiple login attempts, which is refundable at the day of first salary ... But please don't believe them, they'll brainwash you to make you pay penalty fees. Even I showed that stamp paper/agreement paper to nearby Police station, so they strictly told me that this is fake and don't fall in their trap.

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DiptanshuBhandari posted this 3 weeks ago

I attached the fake stamp paper here , even it seems like real but it's not, it is totally fake.

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AmanSharma posted this 3 weeks ago


AmanSharma posted this 3 weeks ago

How can I save myself, I got trapped😵😵😵

AmanSharma posted this 3 weeks ago


The specialarmed forces posted this 3 weeks ago

I also have been working here for two days but now I think I should quit . I also have same agreement with same number

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SaketJain posted this 3 weeks ago

How to save me please tell

NaumikGupta posted this 3 weeks ago

Contact to 9552304798. This number is main victim number . This victim had already filed FIR against this all data typing fraud form filling companies. These data typing companies blackmailed and ransom a huge amount from her.That's y this victim filed FIR legally. If you lost your money due to such data entry form filling fraud contact that number. She can help you. And Legally go to your nearest police station and launch FIR agianst these fraud. Police will definitely help you to get back your money and you will get all evidences regarding these fraud form filling data Typing fraud companies and that fraud bastards. लेकिन, वो form filling data typing captcha filling works and all सब कुछ धोखाधड़ी है। जो data typing work उन्होंने आपको दिया है वह वास्तविकता में मौजूद नहीं है। वे विदेशी देशों के लोगों के व्यक्तिगत विवरण उनके बैंक खाते का विवरण हमें ऑनलाइन डेटा टाइपिंग नौकरी के रूप में देते हैं। और इस प्रकार के कार्य वास्तविक में मौजूद नहीं हैं। सरल और सामान्य ज्ञान यह है कि, अन्य देश अपने नागरिकों के व्यक्तिगत विवरण और उनके खाते का विवरण किसी अन्य देश के नागरिकों को ऑनलाइन डेटा entry form filling work को भरने के लिए क्यों देंगे? हमारा भारत देश कभी भी अपनी नागरीकोंकी व्यक्तीगत विवरणे किसी अन्य देश की लोगॊंको कभी नही देगा. क्यॊंकी ये मामला सभी देश के नागरीकोंकी security का सवाल हे. ये लोग जो आपको data entry का work provide कर रहॆं हॆ वो illegal हॆ. वे कभी reality मे exist नहीं करता. ये data entry वाले लोग सिर्फ पॆसोंके लिये फर्जी agreements ऒर फर्जी वकील के जरीये नोटिस भेजके लोगॊंको डराधमकाकर लोगॊंसे पॆंसे हडप रहें हॆ. लोग उनकी बातॊंपर सच मानकर उनको पॆसाभी दे रहॆं हें क्योंकी लोगॊंको ये Fraud के बारे में कम पता हॆं. ऒर वो fraud लोग आम लोगोंको इसतरहा blackmail करते हॆ जिससे आम लोगॊंको उनकी बातॆं सच लगे ऒर फिर लोग उनको डर के मारे पॆसा भरदेते हॆ. ये उनका कामधन्दा सब Fraud हे. कोई भी इसमे ना फसे ऒर उनको पॆसे ना भरे. अगर किसीने पॆसे भरदिये हों तोह सिधा police station मॆ जाकर इन fraud लोगोंके खिलाफ FIR दर्ज करवायें. पोलिस आपको पॆसे उनसे लॊटवायेगी ऒर उनको सजा दिलवायेगी. इनसब Data entry fraud का Mastermind एक ही हॆ वो हॆ नितेश विजयकुमार खवानी जो सुरत वापी ऒर अन्य जगह सें गुजरात से ये fraud धंदा अभी भी चलवारहा हॆ.

Don't be afraid and dont pay any money to such companies. They all are fraud and fake. The data typing Work which they giving to people are also totaly fake and fabricated. I got some information regarding this online form filling data typing jobs main culprit nitesh khawani that, already FIR had registered against this fraud mastermind owner Nitesh khawani in Jalgaon Maharashtra by a lady student. And Jalgaon session court rejected nitesh khawani' bail application. This is the main evidence that he is genuinely doing a fraud in all over india and he ransom and taking money from evry poor students by giving fake fabricating court notice, fake Advocate notice and threatening to file civil or criminal suit if we refused to pay money to that data typing companies. Jalgaon session court already proved that nitesh khawani has got catches in such criminal activities. I request you to take action against this person. He also harassed me for money and threatening me to finish me my carrier. I can proved that criminal action is taken against fraud nitesh khawani in Jalgaon Maharashtra also FIR number 0130/2019 has registered against him in Jalgaon cyber crime police station. Everybody search on ecourt website to get Jalgaon session court order ( CNR number MHJG040009502020 ) which proves that nitesh/Nilesh khawani is really a fraud man and shows his active involvment in such crime and still he is doing same fraud present time also in a cool mind having intention to cheat, harass people to take money from them.


File Complaint against them on this link If u paid any amount to that fraud companies, contact jalgaon cyber crime police station and send them your writing complaint letter by post or by email regarding this data typing fraud with ur amount loss which u paid to that fraud data typing companies. Jalgaon cyber crime police are very clever, brilliant and helpful. they know about this type of data typing fraud. They will surely help u to get back your money from fraud data typing companies . Otherwise file complaint on this website National cyber crime portal will surely take action on your complaint and will recovered your money.

VardhanChauhan posted this 2 weeks ago

I am also facing the same problem. Please help

DiptanshuBhandari posted this 2 weeks ago

Don't worry bro, that company is totally fake... Don't give a single penny of money, even though they will send a fake message in which they mention "that a FIR is registered on u, and u should present in court"... Don't panic , everything is fake

poornimarautela posted this 2 weeks ago

plz take legal action of this company .i also traped so plz donot waste time in this company

DiptanshuBhandari posted this 2 weeks ago

You will also get a call of advocate (fake advocate) from arcadeon who will try to convince that you have to pay money otherwise legal action would be taken..... But don't fall into the trap , that advocate is also fake ...

rajabhattacharjee posted this 2 weeks ago

yeah boss i had also been trapped by these gang, but i never paid a single of penny. They actually trying to contact those people who has applied for such data entry job in online and also trying to get a job from home based. please friends don't be trapped by this people. I had already showed all the documents to local p.s and my lawyer friend which had been sent by them, and they all had told me please don't bother it just ignore and don't give them your any important legal document to them.. just chill friends..

Mayank raghuvanshi posted this 2 weeks ago

i am also facing the same problem.pleace help

pritam rana koi advocate h.uska call aa rahe hae.

SwatilekhaGupta posted this 2 weeks ago

Same thing has happend with me and my mother..they have sent my mother a district court letter which stated that my mother has to be present in the court on 18th sep,2020 with a chalan amount of 37,950..I need help against this problem..

SwatilekhaGupta posted this 2 weeks ago

Ok..we should recve their cl or not

keyviBordoloi posted this 2 weeks ago

No need do anything and don't panic they can't do anything.... don't worry they all are fake..there Fir, Lawyer everything is them n give them nicely...

keyviBordoloi posted this 2 weeks ago

No need to worry...I m also getting same FIR from them...don't send any money to them

NiteshKhawani posted this 2 weeks ago

This is Nitesh Khawani and I am personally writing a reply to these comments. In the matter stated above I want to inform everyone commenting over here that I am aware of the person uploading these comments. However this matter is subjudice. I have received a clear chit from the court and the court has agreed that this is a matter where I deserve to be given benefit of doubt. I have clearly achieved the favor of law against all those who are blackmailing me and wrongfully trying to extort my money. The court also ruled in my favor in this regard. These are merely methods and instruments which are used to harass and torture me. I will also take steps against this in due time. Hence anyone and everyone conspiring against me shall be warned against their actions. The court and judiciary is above all such spamming posts on this website. I have clearly won against torturing agents and will proceed legally only against everyone.
I also want to inform that none of these allegations are true and all of these situations are falsely created. I do not own any of the above mentioned companies nor am i directly or indirectly involved in them

DiptanshuBhandari posted this 2 weeks ago

Guys don't pay them, each and everything is fake. Contact me if u have any further queries ,