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ThirumalaNarukuti posted this 14 June 2021

To The Officer in Charge Cyber Department Sh. Rajesh Kumar

Dear Sir

I have lost 28k, I have received a whatsapp message from this said number 8624880261, 8682808138 and 7083312482. I was being told for the part time job. I received Rs. 100/-, and after that I was being told to purchase some products and with that amount will be given+10% interest. I have not received any target initially. After that I was being told to purchase more 2-3 product in total 7 products and after that only amount will be given. Then after that I was being told to provide Rs.14000/- as I have to open another account, but I denied to do the same, and after that they blocked me and have not received anything. Payment to, To UTHINKING Paytm-63607397@paytm upi ref no. 116087529371, 116088352450, 116088644539, 116000673686, and payed to Shaharuq khan UPI id 7285810470@ybl on phonepay And bank details Nisarg ashok shinde, card no. 000401884948, IFSC code ICIC0000258 Kindly look into this matter in earliest as I have suffering a lot.

Dated: Thanks, and Regards Yours faithfully.

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bhavithamuthyala posted this 23 June 2021

i got message as part time job then they gave  a small task after that from telegram they given again tasks i paid next they told to do  more task in that i satrted 1 task they used tell that in one task 3  levels i barrowed money somewhere and completed task again they are saying that to do one more task which is included with 3 levels nearly i lost 2 lakhs please help me out