Iam a pregnant woman I wanted to do a part time job to support my husband. I came across a call from this resumesearch team and the representative name is Roshni she asked my what's app number and she send me the details of the job. I go though that but she never gave me any explanation about the job and its process... She asked my details and I sent coz I was in a need for that part time job. She gave a registration number and asked me to work and the target is really shocking... Within 7 days 600 resumes should be completed and once the verification is done they will pay the amount. It is such a difficult target and as a pregnant women... I asked for few more days to complete it on my 7th day. But those people were very eager to get money from me. They were very particular about the money. So they started to blackmail me that if I don't pay 6500/- I should face legal actions and CIBIL kind of things. I googled about the company and I came to know that it is completely fraud and threatening. Even my 7th day of work is not actually completed. But they started to ask for money. I said I don't have money to pay for you. Please extend my working days so that I will work for the company and it will be double side profit where I can also earn from my completed resume works. But they didn't give any time all they wanted is money. I blocked the contact. Kindly take my complaint. And many other people also suffering alot like me. Cheaters should be punished.