The job was to fill 600 resumes in 7 days. It was too hectic but I still completed them before the last minute. I followed the instructions well. The next day the list of rejected resumes were given in the portal. 90 percent of the rejected resumes gave the reason that the middle name was wrong. The instructions said that "Write Father's name in the middle name. If husband name is mentioned in the resume for Female gender then mention husband name". In the resumes where neither father's name nor husband's name was given I used the full name. For example if the name was priyanka chopra Jonas. I used 'priyanka' as the first name, 'chopra' as the middle name and 'Jonas' as the last name. They rejected my work for this sole reason. Now they are toturing me saying that I have to pay the amount of 5900 as the portal charges. Their agents are Calling me from different numbers (+91 91046 69605, +91 97249 84947, +91 88667 83398) asking me to pay the money and threatening me about legal procedures. I would like to move a complaint against them. I have worked day and night for the money because I desperately was is need of it and now I'm in a big trap. I would like to be paid for my efforts.