Financial Fraud - Fake Ajio Support

  • Last Post 23 January 2023
KhushbooVyas posted this 25 May 2018

This morning, dated May 25th. 201 8, I received a call from the number 07289812219. The caller female stated , she was speaking from AJIO company - and had called me to inform regarding a lucky deal worth Rs 45000 cashback which was unlocked after the large order I placed last week. Further, she had the details of my order (clothes ordered online) and also said the right order and delivery dates. I was then asked to shop online for 4000 Rs, so that the unlocked deal can be availed Immediately. As per the details and information, I found the female convincing and said what I was Instructed to do. Further, she mentioned to not place an order but add the items in the cart so that the same can be processed further. I did as was instructed. After adding two products from worth !NB 3993, she requested me to pursue with the payment. First they said I can do the payment through my credit or debit card. To which I denied, as I never share my card details online.

Further I said I use PayTM, and can pay them through that my call was then transferred to another executive guy, who gave me his number. Upon which I transferred Rs 3993 to his PayTM wallet straightaway. Further he called again after 45-50 minutes and said someone from the accounts team would call me and request the bank details in order to credit the cashback that I had won. I waited for another 4-5 hours and didn't receive any call. So I called up on the same number and was told to wait further. This time, their voice and language was rude and unconvincing. My call was abruptly disconnected. Hence I called from another number, and when I said my name right. my call was disconnected again. Now my calls are not being answered. I've been continuously calling the aforementioned number but no one seems to answer.

I lost Rs 3993 to an unknown individual who claimed to be from AJIO. His name on PayTM walled link appears as Kishan Lodhari. The number to which the money was transferred through PayTM is 09667598625. This number is however unreachable at the moment.

I wish to lodge a complaint against the caller and her/his allies for having called from a fake identity and further doing these fraudulent proceedings.

Please help with the right legal actions required to catch hold of these fraudsters - not sure if they're actually from AJIO or some fake BPO.

Sincerely, Khushboo Vyas.

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AnkitaSahu posted this 23 January 2023

I got call from 8017873168 THEY OFFERED ME LAPTOP  ...ha ha ha