I Received a call from a lady by the name Meha Sharma from a mobile no +91 9910817069 on my mobile no.9773698426  ,she introduce herself as an employees of state bank of India calling form their Mumbai headquarters.she then mentioned that my debit card has expired and that she would provide me with a new visa debit card by Monday through blue dart courier service.while talking to me She send an sms on my mobile number form a mobile no 9069975350 mentioning the courier dispatch details form blue dart along with the courier id x234062n.I received an sms on my mobile number 7496036296 showing an OTP for online reward points purchase of 9998-/ at pay tm .my debit card after giving the OTP to her the called got cut.she then called me again  i received a massage from TM-SBIOTP having new OTP . after giving the OTP to her she then cut the call after that i received a sms stating that INR 20000/- has deducted from my account towards ABIPBL having the transcation number POS504492078003237 & TXN#604856