A lady came to me when I was going back home and asked me to dial the number , she said it doesn't costs you because it is a toll free number. I thought she might not be having phone and I dialed the number what she said. I got a message from "VK-HULWIN" , " Thank you for contacting HUL. Your Unique code Is 528061249". And the lady asked me to say the code and she wrote the code in a paper. And she said okay you leave now. I asked her why did u take the code from me?, she replied "we are seller from VIM and to sell the soaps and liquid , we need this code" and she went running. She was wearing maroon colour bandi(over sari). The number was 18001211563, please take action against her and her company, and please clear my doubts why she taken the code? i will be very thankful to you.Thanks.