I am writing this letter to complain about a cheat of online scam I have faced. A few days ago(30 days) I installed an app called Alibaba.com (trading company from wholesellers from china) .I searched for a mobile in the app, I found a mobile and chatted with him. He gave a number in WhatsApp and asked me to message him. After i messaged him, he told to pay Rs15,000 for mobile phone,as I paid him after 2 days he messaged me to pay 10,000 for shipping and insurance and also gave a shipment website (http://transroyallogistics.com/) and I checked the shipment status and confirmed. After 4 days,he messaged me and said that my parcel has been on hold by Afghanistan custom and asked to pay Rs20000 for clearance. I checked the shipment website and then paid him. After 5 days he messaged me that my product has been arrived to India. Again he said that the parcel is in hold by Indian custom.He said the Delhi custom people are corrupt and they need 15000 and ransom to clear the parcel. He also threatened me that if I did not pay the police would be at my home. As a student, I got feared and paid it immediately . He said that courier has cleared customs and is in the way to visakhapatnam. After 2 days,a boy messaged me on Google hangouts and said he has the courier and if I want it I must pay Rs 20000 or else my whole paid money will be cancelled and I would not receive courier. As he said I paid him.After some days he messaged me from another WhatsApp number and said that he has gone to Austria for business purpose . When he said I got doubt and checked the Mobile number.It was an Austria number, So I called it and when someone lifted the mobile they said me that they do not have WhatsApp account. Then I understood the whole game is a scam . Even when I abused him, he said that I am misunderstanding him and he thought to convey me. But I scolded him then also he chatted with me and he is till chatting with me

Sir I request you to kindly file a case against him,if possible In his process of cheating o had lost around Rs 2,00,000 Therefore I request you kindly take a disciplinary action against him