Dear all, To ur kind attention that I just escaped from a very big trouble as I was called by a shopclues person notifying that I had won a car (tata Safari and he said me that he just wanted a registration fee of about 3500 then I was much exited and he told me to send my details of bank and adhar. I was a little shocked and then I searched in net about this and I found that it was fake and I just escaped and I deleted all the information that I send to him but he got of hold on my adhar card and he is blackmailing me that if I don't pay him he would file an fir on me so I would request the higher supervisor to take these things seriously pls help untill now there is no issues but don't know when a problem would come . So pls do the needful and get hand of the culprits Thanking you Yours sincerely Joyal j Joseph