It is requested that the petitioner Shyam Singh From SBI (Branch Tansen Road Gwalior) account no. 10504816965 on 29/04/2019 and 30/04/2016 155000 rupees (one lakh 55 thousand rupees) have been stolen and taken out by unknown people. Any person by me A. T. M . Number and O. T. P, etc. have not been told. I did not get any message even to get the money. I would like to give me a date on 01/05/019 at 12.00 55 minutes. 911412822455 The call came to the call that your card has been blocked, when I came to withdraw money in the bank on 03/05/2019, I came to know that 155,000 rupees (Rupees one lakh 55 thousand rupees) was stolen from my account In this regard, the information given by me has been given in the application at Fort Gate station Gwalior. Therefore, it is clear from Mr. that by sending a mail to the Reserve Bank of India, I will try to send back my entire amount to the account of the deceased thieves who have withdrawn money from my account, CCTV footage of ATM and my bank accounts have been deposited in my bank accounts. Suggest and give my buck back.

Date: 04/05/2019


Name: Shyam Singh

Account Number 10504815965

Card Number: - 5596xxxxx2214