Someone contacted me and told me that he/she is frim amz mall platform and ask me to register in the platform to earn money,they give me link and i registered..then they instructed me to download teams app and contact the instructor on telegram @TV6689,who will help me in the task to earn the start i invest little by little through gcash in order to complete the task then as the task level up..the money required to top up doubled and it reach to the point that i invest almost 90,000rs.. I am a homemaker and all my savings gone and no cent left, some how I have finished all the task wih the help of Instructor and when the withdrawal requested ...the finance doesnt process my withdrawal amounting to 150k and ask me to send her first 30,000 Bank TAX before she /he processed my withdrawal..i told them,the instructor and the other agent that i dint have money to send, and i am negotiating if they processed first my.widrawal then i will send to them their commission..But no luck,they are keep insisting to clear first 30,000 TAX to the finance before they processed my withdrawal...i am doomed/scammed, and very much afraid of how would I refund to people I borrowed. Pls pls help here to get atleast I have been looted by this AMZ MALL app.