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Online Job Frauds Gettting Fraud dataentry work from
VIVEK ASATI posted this 19 May 2021

Dear Sir/Mam,

I got a call from 9974971469 with online data entry work offer for After that they whatsapp me the link for agreement after completing this step they provide me the work.

After 4 days when I called them for some entry mistake problem so they said it can't change and you can't reach 90% work accuracy so you quit this week work job and paid us to Rs. 5000+900(GST).

Now when I say I have no money to pay so they simply told me that You have to paid anyhow otherwise your next week work project will be generated and you will have to pay 5900  for current week work and 5900 for next week work. and there will be date extension amount 1180/-.

When again n again I deny for payment they threatening me legal notice for that and saying on that time you have to pay double amount in court.

Please help to me and save all the people from such frauds company because in this COVID pandemic time we all are stay in HOME and there is no source of income, that time such frauds companies are playing with our situations.

Company Frauds Resume filling job fraud
jolly ah irukanum posted this 17 May 2021

I actually got message about part time online job I am from poor family, seeking for job They messaged me and didn't give proper answer they told me to sign and contract will done Later I saw the project was heavy load In case of not completing they ask me 5990 I too afraid Please help me from this

Online Job Frauds Torture
Priyanka P posted this 16 May 2021

Can I get ..... information on this...pls..someone call me...

Online Job Frauds Fraud by data entry job
suvarna marathe posted this 14 May 2021

Here, suvarna marathe. As I read above complaints about resumetofill same thing happened with me. But I realise next day and I massage them that I can't work with them. Now they are asking me for charges 6000k and otherwise they will file complaint. Please help me out.

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Online Job Frauds Resume to fill
Arunju mari posted this 12 May 2021

Plz help..they mentally torture me..again again

Other Frauds Data entry jobs
Sweta Verma posted this 11 May 2021

Yesterday I was searching for a freelancer job I came to know about resume to fill. I contact the person she told me about the task that you have to to summit 600 resume within 7 days. If by chance you fail to submit the target you have to to pay 5000 + GST to the company. I agreed to the contract. After all the Restoration process I search online about the company review and I came to know it is a fraud company now I am scared what should I do should I continue to work or should I block that number from everywhere.

Company Frauds Online
Syec Kousar posted this 10 May 2021

Good evening sir! I got a notification from freshers world regarding data entry job ! Freshersworld is a trustly agency so i have contacted for job 8076269285 name amith kumar he is claiming he is hr! He just asked for adhar and emiil id i gave to him and he said open website there you will get next for 6 time and you click it and sign a copy . I just sign that copy! He said to fill one review after felling 1 review there i got amount payable 1 but they claimed 25rs for 1 review i got doubt and i searched in google and youtube about that company! But what i found it is a froud company and it lots from people insted of paying so many people had paid them money in a fear! so after seeing those reviews i contacted ankit 8076269285 and said! This is not a trust company i have seen so many reviews and youtube videos claming it was a froud company i have done contract before one 1 itself i would like to cancel contract if not i will contact police !! But i was stun what he replied he said our boss sankar yadav has good contacts in police you cant do anything you have to paymoney at any chance do what ever you want .. please check review and youtube videos about this company! Sincle this company is a froud i dont wana do thos reviews because i have contacted him immidiatly after siging that copy ! It is a froud company please look into my issue and solve my isse

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Company Frauds Spam
Harsha M posted this 07 May 2021

This is an spam and i was forced to work to sigh in and impossible to do work of 600 resume in 7 days.this may be spam and website not working and forced to pay 5900 Rs and what to do when upto go for legally to court

AKANKSHA KUMARI posted this 03 May 2021

Got there number from LinkedIn, I was searching a job of work from home then we had conversation they said work should be completed within 7 days or one should be ready to give penalty of 5k then they ask for my ID proof I gave them. After sometime they generated user Id n password that time I was not aware but now I got to know that they r frauds so I need help. Please help me out.