Since some day ago. I am searching for a job and then I have just scrolling Google. Then after some hour I had a call and they were saying that we have a work from home job and you just need to entry the data as given below and I really need the job so I have accepted there agreement and there I have sign it they have send me the details and how to do the job and after 7 day I have to fillup the 600 resume form and then by working day and night I didn't end up filling all the forms and then they have called me and they have said you are not complete your work and so you have to pay the penalty of ₹5,500 the. I was like I didn't hear this kind of agreement and they have to say that if you don't pay us then we are filling against case on you and I got much depressed and tensed so then I just contact my brother in law who is a advocate and I have show him that agreement and he said they are frauding you and this is fake aggreement so don't worry that all is fraud and then if they call you again just ask them there proper address and some of the details and say then you will filled FIR against them if they call me again. Then after that no one call me and they are frauding everyone so don't worry they can't filled case against you