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SUBBARAOMANNAVA posted this 24 December 2020

I was signed a contract of a imposssible work with the resume bocz of my financial situvation is very bad to get my expenses, .the work is to complete 600 resumes in 7 days which is immpossible with the company given data .

 the company is a fraud company as i see in internet reviews later after i done the they are threatening me with phone calls and whatsapp text and legal notices as contract they are demanding more than 8000 Rs as not completing theire work,the data they provided is not in a one format its data is very messy and i tried to work for 2 days the data is not proper i need to search for information thought to resume reading to fill one resume it took me almost 20 minutes of time. then i understood that they have doing this type of miss utilisation of internet and cheating students and unemployed youth of india., if i have that much money why i accept such works plz understand my financial position i cant pay them.THey are threatening and harrasing me with phone and whatsapp text and mesages and images showing legal warnings,plz find the images they sending as attachment.

I request cyber crime of india to take serious action on such comapany to save the future of indian youth




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NitroGaming posted this 21 January 2021

bro same problem i m facing tell me what should i do

SudiptaBag posted this 21 January 2021

Same problem with me also they are send me legal sms telling me to hire ta lawyer. What should I do please help

BabluDexter posted this 26 January 2021

I also did the same thing. I signed up today and found out all these scams from this company so I blocked all their Numbers and emails as a Scam and report them. For now I won't be able to get calls and messages from them unless I unblock them.

NithyaSankaran posted this 27 January 2021

Did anyone received legalnotice from court?


Bhagwan DeenChaurasiya posted this 5 weeks ago

Bhai Is two days se mere bhai ko mentaly harries kar rahe the unne socity attempt kiya hai. 40000 ka claim kiya hai

Dear indian cyber team Please quick action this comp.

PushpendraKumar posted this 4 weeks ago

same issue created with me pls sir do something 

vishvjeetbarman posted this 3 weeks ago

I am exactly the facing same issues from resume search please suggest me what can I do now. Because I m sure they are resume search intentionally doing these stuff to harrase people please need some suggestions from you guys can I go to police station for complaint or what

VatslaChauhan posted this 2 weeks ago

I'm also facing the same Problem. They do scam with the youths and students. Abuse and blackmailing me and my friend also. Please help us.

PoojaVishwakarma posted this 2 weeks ago

I also got the warning mail today even I did not start any project there still they are threatning me. Please tell me what to do.

AbhishekSingh posted this 2 weeks ago

Guys don't pay them. if you got stuck in their net then also you can do one thing that while they are calling to you at that time please ask CIN(Corporate Identification Number) no from them and please search on this you will get no record found and send them on their whatsapp and tell them that this is not registered.

 This will be the better process to skip from their net.

shilpaprashanth posted this 2 weeks ago

Same problem with me also they are send me legal sms telling me to hire ta lawyer. and Advocate called me his number is 7600908374 What should I do please help

RahulSingh posted this 1 weeks ago

Guys don't give them money they are just fraudsters they only send you notice and the notice are just fraud notice you all are not need to worry just block them and say do what you want to do i am ready, beleive me they are just trying to make money from you

SantoshKushwaha posted this 4 days ago

I got a call from this no. 09974679711 on 15.02.2021 regarding Resume typing work. Customer Agent sent me a link and told me fill all the details after fill all the details he told me that skip all the instructions it's not really important so i did the same. The whole call conversation just (2 m 3s + 1 m 37s) on the same date and time 3:01 PM and 03:30 P.M. respectively. I denied to continue the work on the same day after 10 minutes, when i saw the length of work. Now, they are sending mail from ( for legal proceeding. However, this kind of behaviour is like "Blackmail" to consumer. So i requested to you please do something against this company and resolve the problem and save the money of innocent peoples. 

MirSúmàíyà posted this 4 days ago

Hi ..I m also the victim of the fraud company...thy threatened me. .. wt should I do...I m totally confused ..plz .. I dnt have money.. where fr

MirSúmàíyà posted this 4 days ago

I get the money

SajinS posted this 4 days ago

Hi, Guys not to worry about there agreements ,you all would have received there agreements via email, open the attachment and check who has put the signature in the second pary column. They are just trying to play around with someone else's agreement. Not to worry about there agreements it's all a new trick to loot money. Don't give them a single rupee if you get the call ask them to proceed with the case and tell them you are ready to pay the fine in the court. They cannot take any legal action until it's your agreement

AmarkantKumar posted this 4 days ago

Same problem I have facing they have called me e I don't know from where they got my number and WhatsApp me and tell me that send your Aadhar card and photograph and mail ID after then they have send me aml inverse mention that you have registered with our company and send me a bond paper finally I have replied him that I am not interested Ihave not open their ID and password but they are harassing me and already I have set them that I have no laptop so I cannot work with you on same there when they have WhatsApp me

shubhpathak posted this 4 days ago

resume search नाम की कोई कंपनी रजिस्‍टर्ड है ही नहीं। यह ठगों का एक ग‍िरोह है जो बेरोजगार युवाओं को अपने जाल में फंंसाकर ब्‍लैकमेल करता है।
इसको एक बार क‍िसी आदमी का नंबर म‍िल जाए  तो उस आदमी के पीछे पड़़ जाता है। यह एक आदमी को पार्ट टाइम वर्क का झांसा देकर फंसाता है। लेक‍िन काम ऐसा देता है क‍ि द‍िनभर में 10 घंटा मेहनत करने पर भी पूूूूरा करना आसान नहींं होता। ज्‍यादातर लोग इसका काम पूरा नहीं कर पाते। इसी का बहाना बनाकर वह रुपए मांंगता है। इससे आप ये मत समझ‍िए क‍ि जो द‍िन- रात काम करके उसका टास्‍क पूरा कर देता हैैै, उसेे वह कोई पैसा देेेता हैैै। यह ठग उससे भी पैसा मांगता है, जो इसका काम पूरा कर देता है। उस आदमी को यह काम मेें गलती का बहाना बनाकर डराता है। पैसा यह क‍िसी को नहीं देता हैैै। सभी को केवल ठगता है। इतना ज्‍यादा डराता है क‍ि लोग उसे रुपए दे ही देेेते हैं। और जानकारी के लि‍ए इस लिंक वाटसएप ग्रुप पर क्‍लि‍क  कर वाटसएप ग्रुप सेे जुड़ें। आप मुुुझेे watsapp bhi kar sakte hain

शुभ नारायण पाठक
पत्रकार, दै‍निक जागरण  और सामाज‍ि‍क कार्यकर्ता
मोबााइल 9430267490

MadhuriHuilgol posted this 4 days ago

Im already working on this right now. Should i stop and block them right away? Please help.

Rasool. posted this 2 days ago

Yes. They will not pay si gle peny. Lost of time and lost of efforts.

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