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TejaasviniJain posted this 24 June 2020

A week ago, I registered for this company and they gave me 440 forms to do it in 4 days. I completed the given work in 3 days and waited for their reply. They sent me a QC report in which I had to maintain 90% accuracy, and I did my work really well, but then in the QC report it was less than 90% and they charged me 4000/-

After paying the amount they sent a NOC and asked to pay 12,950/- and sent me a legal notice to pay the whole amount within 45 mins. I haven't paid yet and now he is threatening me to pay 21,000/- amount. 

Please if anyone of you could help me, it would be a great help!

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HargovindRoy posted this 25 June 2020

Same story me Please help me

Anil JoshiChimpu posted this 26 June 2020

Hi Teeja...

Yes they are fraud and nothing will happen if you post like this.

You have to report in your nearest police station.

They plays with me also.

I am from Uttarakhand and may be you also live so far from Gujarat so they contact with you.

How much I know nobody will be able to get money back from them.

Their own state will also help them and other states are not able to work on this now days due to corona period.

At 3rd time they told you to add 2100 :-) and they told me to submit 60000.

My mail id is

If you get any information regarding this you can text me there.

I will also go for report regarding this.

ManishaSharma posted this 30 June 2020

This signora web services is totally fraud .they are cheating people in this pandemic situation. They have also make a contract with me of 440 plan which I have completed very well. But they are showing my accuracy is less than 90% with out giving me any proof. Now they are demanding the amount and threatening me by taking legal action. But yet I ve not paid any amount to them. And trying to take legal actiom against them.

AnilJoshi posted this 5 weeks ago

Good Manisha. Don't believe on such rumours like others. Stay connected here for further communication.