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PriyankaKhapra posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi I got various calls , I signed agreement today for resume filling, I done 2 resumes Bt too tym consuming, I can quit today?
Pls reply fast Or they charge any fee to me

venkateshkannnan posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Priyanka 

I also signed the agreement but i found out that this was a scam. The amount of work they provide is highly impossible to complete within 7 days and most of the time their servers are down. But do not worry the agreement we have signed is fake and only to scare us to pay the money for not completing the work or having 90% accuracy. We can say the agreement is fake because there is not witness or a notary for the agreement. They haven't checked our eligibility for the work nor have they checked if we can pay a fee if we breach the contract. You're liable to pay a company in compensation fees only if they've spent some money for training you. For example you are placed in Infosys and you agree for a bond of 1 year with Infosys but you leave the company within 5-6 months then only Infosys has rights to file a case and ask for compensation because they've spent money on you for those 5-6 months . So do not worry about the lawyer(who is definitely fake) calling you saying he'll file a case and you'll have to pay some money to withdraw the case. Please do not pay a single rupee to these scammers