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Moderntrad posted this 15 October 2018

Hi Readers/Cybercrime Team,


Here on 11th Oct 2018, Thursday contacted from the person name of Vinay Pratap Singh (called himself as Apartment Buyer) and Dr. Jeetendra Prasad Gupta (Apartment Seller, I will let you know about him in details), this both the people are the scammer's and as a team, they sound much legit people.


Situation 1: the seller will message you with his own number saying “I have a 3 bhk exclusive furnished apartments for sale in BRIGADE COSMOPOLIS WHITEFIELD BANGLORE contact Dr jp gupta 07065586323 sms sent by” - THIS KIND OF MESSAGE WAS SENT 3 TO 4 TIMES, IN EVERY ALTERNATIVE DAYS. (to keep you in the loop, but you have seen and forget about the message)


Situation 2: The buyer, Vinay Pratap Singh(may be in any name) will call you after a day or two saying, I got your number by some online property site, that I need an apartment in and around Marathalli or Whitefield (here this person will say nearby place the other person has the flat, so that you can offer the same flat to him), and also mentions that he is looking for his daughter who gonna stay there and he will be traveling to Canada the next morning flight.


Situation 3: My part (Your part) - as I have seen the message before stating that flat for sale near a place, where buyer wanted and the buyer calls me and says that he is looking for the flat near to the same place. I will first contact with the seller to get the details of the flat and we discussed basic things and he told he will share the flat pictures, stating that he is in Delhi and he is a Doctor.


Situation 4: The requirement and details matched to the buyer and seller and As soon as I receive the images, I will forward to the buyer those images and the details of the flat. after few mins he will come back saying I liked the flat and it is as per my requirement. and he said I want to see the flat in naked eyes and I will give the token amount and leave to Canada and later his daughter will take care of other legal formalities.


Situation 5: Here it comes the actual twist of the amount collection from my side to his side - here buyer says I need to see the flat, all my family members liked it and the same words will be said to the seller.


seller says - I am in Delhi and I will come to Bangalore on 20th of this month bla bla bla and the same thing will be said to the buyer that the seller will be coming on 20th of this month, but can't today. After few mins buyer says I will pay all the traveling expenses of the seller if he willing to come to Bangalore today and show me the flat.


the same thing will be put across to the seller and seller agrees to come to Bangalore and ask for 25,000 Rs advance money (the amount to be credited within an hour). The buyer also agrees to transfer the money and says I am an NRI and If I transfer the amount it takes 2 and a half hours(2.30 hours) to credit to buyers account. as the time was sticking and the both of them agreed to the point and the time constraints of transfer amount to the seller's account, I have decided to do IMPS to the seller, so that he can come to Bangalore and same have been put across to both the people. I have sent my account details to the buyer (where he will transfer the amount to my account and shared some fake screenshot), finally they got their money and seller said I am traveling from Mumbai to Bangalore and will reach Bangalore and give you a call and seller said I am traveling to Bangalore in 3:10 PM indigo flight and will be there around 6:15, so that you can come with the buyer and show them.


There are much more scams are happening from the northern part of India, be careful, I will try my level best to recover the money.


I wish No one else will be trapped as I did.


NOTE: they don't give you time to think that they are scamming you, they sound so high class.

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shalu sharma posted this 02 November 2018

FraudAlert #OnRealtors #OnPropertyOwners #GurgaonBrokers

VinayPratapSingh #JPGupta #DLFCrest

Fraudsters now active in gurgaon. Jp gupta will be a prospect seller of high end property in gurgaon & will send sms about his property which will be fully furnished or exclusively on sale. 2-3 days after the message, buyer who will act as NRI and would like to buy a prop which is of same features as narrated by JP gupta. In all the situation they'll both create a situation of eagerness to see the flat from one side and other side owner(JP gupta) will be far away from Gurgaon and will ask you to bear the travel expanse and assure you to reimburse the amount if deal happen. Best part is buyer Vinay Pratap will agree to transfer and ask the account details and will do the transfer but it will be only Neft possible and JP Gupta will ask for IMPS and here your greed of earning money will encourage you to do the IMPS on behalf of Vinay Pratap Singh who will share you the NEFT transaction details to your account through his account. This is a fraud going on these days in gurgaon. Please be aware seller and brokers please dont get into any kind of greed to earn more money. Yes I have lost my 30k in this greed today and want no other friend of mine be the next victim.

JP gupta - 9821072659 Vinay Pratap Singh - +919319277874 / +14808678201

Ac no 91092010012571 syndicate bank Ifsc SYNB0009109 Dr jayprakash gupta

mohammedyasir posted this 06 February 2019


These guys have now become active in Bangalore as well. Today, the 06th of Feb 2019, I got a call from VInay Pratap Singh. The phone number is 9821192484. Scammer said he was looking to buy an apartment in North Bangalore (Hebbal). And for the past few days seller JP Gupta has been sending messages about his apartment for sale in a reputed residential complex in Hebbal :-)

As part of my due diligence, I just checked about Mr. Vinay Pratap Singh on the internet and found out he is a scammer.