I got this email today MR./MSS   Sonam singh Address :  D/O Vinod kumar singh D 55/168 A aurangabad Purana pan dariba crossing varanasi cantt uttar Pradesh-221002

Company Name:-    PLACEMENT INDIA Work Status :-           NOT COMPLETED                                                                                                              

As per our conversation I am  giving a chance for settlement but if you can't pay  so according to your agreement you must present in the vapi session court and pay total financial loss of the company. If payment is not done so your case transferred for further proceeding at an Arbitrary court. An arbitrary and conciliation act of 1996 as per an article 14  imposed on you and  you  need to pay Rs.78,100  / - for total loss to our client.

Legal Notice : It is like a final warning to the receiver that the sender is all prepared to initiate a legal action and it is the final opportunity for the receiver to resolve the issue in hand properly.  

 if you don't reply on the time period it means that t/c you agree and you may on the fault and as per notice you are disrespecting the notice and law so as per the court summon letter will be issued it is to notifying  a named party that a case involving it and that it must an appearance on the stated date to answer the charges or give evidence.

"if you want to avoid legal procedure then you must have to pay 8500 Today.  

if you want to continue the same project again have to pay 15,230/- today.

Case Type            :- Agreement Breaching Case Status          :- Approved Case Register        :- Under Section  73, 74 and 420 Consignment No       :-  RG934046275IN LEGAL NOTICE SERIE NO:-  RG934046200IN  

Reply back as soon if you wish to close this legal matter.


(B. Com, LL.B.) B:C:I:-GJ-2201/2005

Advocate Association LEGAL MEMBER OF LAWENITY IT ACT 2000