Online Betting Fraud

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JaideepDas posted this 30 January 2021

Rupiya Star Automated Betting Software bets automatically using bet11 betting site. According to this betting software we always have to keep minimum balance of RS 10000 in our account. The software guarantees a monthly income of RS.45000 to RS.60000. The software runs in mobile device only. 

Once the bet is placed it uses our money to put the bet and when the bet reaches -10000, we have to recharge again RS 10000 to save this 10000 and so on. It uses our money to bet. Once the bet is finished the company takes 40% of profit and gives 60% in return + Principle is with us only. 

Initially this Software brings us profit to win our trust. On 29th January the software took the bet to - 8000000 (80L) and 96% people (250 ) in the group lost money. I lost 3 Lacs.

4% won, they are company people only. 

Now they are flashing this message.

Dear users, yesterday we experienced the largest cycle in history, breaking the historical record of 110k rupees. Yesterday’s cycle investment amount was 800k rupees, and its profit was as high as 2,900,458.65 rupees.

A lot of users have lost money in this cycle. Users who lose money do not need to be sad. As long as you continue to use the software, you will earn all the loss after a period of time.


We have to calculate long-term benefits, not one-time gains and losses

After the big volatility has passed, it will be in a stable period. If you want to make up for the loss, it is recommended to charge and start the software immediately, which can reduce the loss, and it only takes a few days to recover.

If I lose 150,000 today, I will earn 600,000 a year. If I lose money today, I can still make a profit of 350,000. Those friends who are losing money should plan their funds.

Links to download the software in Mobile

Rupiya Star:


Rupiya Star APP:

bet11 app:

They have created the WhatsAPP group - [Rupiya & Paisa] No. 65 created by 919669417207 dated 19/11/2021.

Below are the group admins of the  WhatsAPP group - [Rupiya & Paisa] No. 65















If any one complaints about the loss or any other thing they remove him from the group and deactivate his software and that fellow cannot even withdraw his money.

Please take a strict action against this betting group so that the innocent people should not lose their hard earned money. 

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BadBoy posted this 06 February 2021

message me on WhatsApp i want to know extra on this and if u can just call whatsapp 9537053756

AkashSolanki posted this 08 February 2021

Contact no. Pls?

LuckyPareek posted this 10 February 2021

When did you join ?

SneheshMitra posted this 13 February 2021

Please contact me on +91 7044312340

Jay Kamaliya posted this 14 February 2021

Please contact me on +919924566418. Aap muje call kar sakte ho, aapke pass se is bareme thodi detail pusnaa chahata hu, kyunki is sakkar me kahi log kaam kar rahe he. Or uske bareme batayenge. Please call me ya give your contact number 🙏

Jay Kamaliya posted this 14 February 2021

Aap bhai use kar rahe ho rupiya star softwre. The whatsaap me +91 9924566418

VivekBodkhe posted this 17 February 2021

Pl give ur contact

BB witAroop posted this 17 February 2021

anyone who wants to join mail me at

NARSINGHK posted this 23 February 2021



TagaRam posted this 25 February 2021

I know this is fraud anybody want to know Only WhatsApp 7568931629

Mariner'sNest posted this 28 February 2021

What's app me 9499011040...for more details ..and thier game plan ..

LairouchingShoppy posted this 01 March 2021

Brothers don't believe in this person he is lair as what he says he lost 3 lacs false person I am also a member who is also having account I joined in on 12 Dec till today the highest bet went to 28k what he claims 800000 he lost 3 lacs totally lair as I have record of bank transaction this person must be thankful that this platform existing who have saved so many in bad times I am also thankful to this Rupiya Star yes we making very good profit every day and 1000s of people like me who were nothing today atleast we are having financial freedom all the money what's been deposited and holding is all ours not that we are paying to any network marketing company in their names we are opening our own account our user id our password our fund password which no one can withdraw even one rupee from your account such a wonderful system I have never seen it and fool proof as everything is crystal clear If anyone interested to join in and want to have little financial freedom contact me I will explain and make you member too. Brothers I am happy to join this and am thankful to Rupiya Star. Call me 9319140308.

LairouchingShoppy posted this 01 March 2021

Sir this is the best plateform I have ever came a cross to such a best software, I was not that good financially but it had helped me a lot

Jay Kamaliya posted this 01 March 2021

R u want to know about this software than whatsapp me ya call me 9924566418

KamaliyaSunil posted this 02 March 2021

if u thinking of investing in rupya star and have doubts related to it i can help u how u can safely invest in it without any losses just speak to me in call and will clear your all doubts 9537053756

KOTYA posted this 04 March 2021

Mail me at I want to know what happened on 29th night . Also if anyone knows how rupiya star makes money then pls tell me. As it looks absolut fraud

LovekeshLovekesh posted this 05 March 2021

It's a fake application if you did bet yourself it's just locked your account and no reply for that why your account is blocked... Totaly money wasted application

MANISHKUMAR posted this 06 March 2021

Bro can you please provide a screenshot or something that I can show to other if you have please give it to me 7014375341 my whatsapp

AkilaAkila posted this 17 March 2021

This a such a fraud company. So many people lost our money .it is a fake game.only the company get profit otherwise this is fraud.dont believe it.and dont invest it.

ArpanSahu posted this 18 March 2021

Contact me if anyone want to know about rupya star 7828007426

Raja SS posted this 18 March 2021

Yesterday 18Mar2021 rupiya star software made cheating into all their group members my friends 5 people in different whatsapp groups totally around more than 500 people lost their money that's fraud cheater taken all the money in one day approx 3 crores

Raja SS posted this 18 March 2021

Total my friends 5 members and every one had met with loss

Total 3 lacs

JeevanJairaj posted this 18 March 2021

On 18th march 2021 went around more than (minus) -1 lack ... and almost everyone lost there money.. they kept telling people to recharge and recharge.. and the bet was continuously going minus .. thousands of people got stuck in there software and lost all the money whoever didn’t recharged they lost all the already invested money in app... so plz don’t fall into the trap .. they will attract you first and then give you profit for some time and then they will take away all the money you have and block your accounts..

NidhinDas posted this 25 March 2021

I totally agree with him. I joined Rupiya star on 24th Feb2021. In the begining days they gave us small profits and on 17th March 2021 they took all our money. Someone committed suicide on that day as he lost a fortune. I also lost 3 lakhs on the day. Again hoping to make my loss good I started again on 18th March 2021 with a higher capital. On 24th March 2021 the same happened and people lost upto 8.5 Lakhs. I request the authorities to please find these people and punish them for cheating and fraud. Please spread awareness amoung friends and families about this app.

NidhinDas posted this 25 March 2021

Do you still believe in the app?

tomijohn posted this 25 March 2021

Guys, Rupiya star and BET 11, beware of these 2 apps. They would loot all our money. My friend had lost around 1.5lacs yesterday, We were told that this is some kind of game with the flights, when the flight flies faster we need to recharge the account and when it lands we will get more profit. he used to get some profit but yesterday, it went beyond 1.5 lacs and he lost the money, when he asked the tutor or mentor they told him to recharge again, so that he could keep up with the flight and get big profits when it is landed. we didnt know this was a betting app until people started talking abt it yesterday. CAN WE DO SOMETHING TO TRACK DOWN THESE GUYS?? and I think these are chinese people as we understood that they are using google translators to communicate with us in the whatsapp groups and sometimes we saw YUAN(chinese currency) instead of RS (Indian rupee) when they sent the messages. They might come up with a new APP for cheating people with a new story, please be careful

allylkr posted this 25 March 2021

Its a scam app . if you are tempted to join, please DON'T JOIN!! You will have the biggest regret. The ones who invest and share screenshots of high amount are all part of the team. When you start complaing they will remove you from the WhatsApp group. They will circulate a message which says: Important note: everyone pays attention. Recently, some crooks have been lurking in the group. After seeing us making money, they began to feel jealous. They destroy us, destroy, abuse, copy and deceive members of the group. These people are liars. Anyone can take screenshots to report insulting or defamatory "Rupiya Star" behavior. After the review, you will receive Rs2000 report rewards. All agents must manage your subordinates and encourage reporting. Ive lost alot of money on this and they will keep betting until common people like us are cant bet anymore. So please listen to us and dont join and spread the awareness

allylkr posted this 25 March 2021

This was the latest amd highest bet. After betting and investing money for more than 12 hrs. Who would be able to invest 1200k. Imagine investing little amount as 5-10k every half an hour to keep up with the betting so that we wont lose our money and then after putting all your money, borrowing from here and there. They tell us to invest more...this is one of their message Important notice: The aircraft fluctuates greatly. 800k has been invested. The company decides that if your top-up amount reaches 1200k, the company will compensate you for all your losses and give away 500k as a benefit Important notice: The aircraft fluctuates greatly. 800k has been invested. The company decides that if your top-up amount reaches 1200k, the company will compensate you for all your losses and give away 500k as a benefit. No one got a penny and they simply remove you from the group when you raises question

vivekparmar posted this 26 March 2021

One more Fraud Admin Name : Mr. Iverson Contact : +44 7310 763070

I lost big amount due to this admin’s wrong commitment and fraud strategies!

please help us to recover at-least our own money ! kindly do the needful.

ManishSingh posted this 01 April 2021

Sach me ye fraud hai... 31 March 2021 ko in logo ne 3 lakh tak minus kiya tha... Maine bhi 2.5 lakh tak khela... But last me haar man gya... Maine apna sara paisa kho diya.. . Please inke khilaf karvai ki jaye... Taki aage koi bhi inka sikar na bne... Hum jaise logo ko lalach dekar hume loot lete hai ye log..

ManishSingh posted this 01 April 2021

Agr kisi ko proof chahiye to mujhse contact kre... Mere pass screenshot hai..

RaviRaj posted this 01 April 2021

This is total fruad app lost of money On 17 March they took bet ammount up to 1.10 lac and gave good profit. Only for gaining trust of people. But on 24 March they took it to 8 lac rupees and wiped out every one's money we recharged up to almost 4 lacs then stoped when we understand that this is fruad. So please don't invest o such app. There are 4 to 5 persons who run this all game and at final it's thsey people who woin this. It's better to share it as much as one can to mak everyone aware of it. Thanxx

DevGodara posted this 06 April 2021

Eske bare koi bhi information chaiye to call and WhatsApp kare 9672188672

PasuPathy posted this 12 June 2021

Hello Indians! If you are thinking of joining this automated betting Rupiya star or some other name? Please listen to me carefully.

I am a Banker working in Top US bank. So I don't have any necessity to bluff here but to save you!

Actually this bet11/someother name and Rupiya team are connected. They operate from out of India and no government can take action on them. They control all the events of the dice output and they can manipulate the flight till "n" number of lakhs. Initially they will build the confidence on them by giving small profits and will increase the flight. Don't add any subordinates or else you will be penealised for joining them and losing.

This team is a regular, big scam network and don't believe in their words. Even your friend who joined you doesn't know completely.

So, never ever join Rupiya or any online automatic betting by investing(normally starts with 10k).

I know many people(around 200 to my knowledge) who were fooled by this team.

Your account will be locked without any reason and you can't withdraw your money and your bank nor police can help you!