recieved call from Resume filling from a lady. She knew my name asked for having laptop and no else information. She told whatever I didn't hear properly but something about filling 600 cv's in 7 days and. I can earn 18000 in a week. I have to complete the task in 7 day, form filled and if my accuracy is less than 90% I'll be given 2 rs per cv . When I said I will do it later. They said registration was all free of cost for today only and won't have to pay any money . Neither they mentioned about the portal charges . This call was on 4th Nov . the women called me and asked me to open the link, click on write and write your name on the blank place she was on call i was not aware this was some kind of digital signature at the same time but I denied. Then she kept on calling from different no. and to do it right away. I did on my mobile. I didn't even got time to read what she sent or downloaded. So i did and after some time she gave me the login details And immediately i asked about to quit the job before starting as soon i realised that it's an impossible task.

Then she warn me to give portal charge 6500/-. As I don't have money, I started working for 2-4 days i realized that it was an impossible. Now after 7 days they were started calling me and when I asked for extension she didn't replied also. As I have seen many of them registered complaint against the company, why such sites have not been forced to stop.

Also, there is thee mail I found in my spam, stating that they have my aadhar card and pan card details which I have never shared with them.

Please tell what to do.

Still I'm scared so.someone please help