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Respected: M.D Ammar

I Acknowledged the receipt of your complete details for the release of your inheritance fund. attached to this mail the copy of Deposit Certificate which i got from the First Republic Bank USA where the fund was deposited to be presented to the bank for the claim though it's been stained with dirt as a result of events which has transpired since,we have made arrangement to release the payment legally through First Republic Bank USA .{for Charity Construction work in india.}

    I am Mr. Michael Bosch, Payment Director International Transfer Dept: First Republic Bank USA. i had a brief meeting with Barrister George Walter and I understood all his explanations before your mail and documents came in today as we are also working towards your transfer request.

Sequel to the acknowledgement of the receipt of your mail, respectively which the content is well understood, once again, I personally welcome your kindest gestures and appreciations, towards my efforts I promise to bringing your funds transfer to a successful closure.

As a matter of fact, it is our utmost priority to provide excellent and comprehensive banking to all our customers through a friendly environment using qualified and experienced personnel with appropriate technology. We are ensuring that we will grant you the speedy and efficient service you deserve by affecting your funds transfer successfully and without any delay, however we have taken the step of transferring your fund in your account, so that your funds will be deposit into your Bank account with our prior to the onward transfer to you to avoid any hitch or whatsoever.

Obviously, as a First Bank of this nation, it is our utmost responsibility to clarify our (local/international) customer(s) on the issue of this nature to avoid any complications in the transfer process. We anticipate that you as a highly reputable personality and the beneficiary of this said deposited funds ($3.8 Million USD) should comprehend that there is absolutely no room for any withdrawals from the funds for now since it is deposited under a suspense fixed deposit account as such stated in the letter of attestation which Barrister George Walter have a copy of it. we will get back to you tomorrow regarding the transfer, thanks once again have a nice day

N/B. Should you need further assistance or clarification from this financial institution feel free to communicate with us while your draft undergoes clearance which usually takes 1-2days. You also might be contacted by the Foreign Exchange Department if your attention is needed at any point.

Kind regards, Mr. Michael Bosch Payment Director International Dept: First Republic Bank USA

Hello, i am a private attorney to Mrs Aisha M.your client .she asked me to contact you in respect of Moving the sum $3.8M, (Three Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which she inherited from her late husband. Presently the funds are deposited in am Escrow call account here in United States. With your consent and that of Mrs Aisha M. i will like to have your complete information’s as stated below;

just kindly fill up the application Fund release letter attached in this mail with your banking details, send back to me so that i can forward it to the Chief Executive Officer of First Republic Bank USA, and keep you posted as I follow it up from here. I will be needing all these information's as stated above so that i will start raising all the documents needed to approve the said fund in your name and transfer to your destination within few days

Awaiting to hear from you that you have fill the application letter attached in this mail with your banking details and send it back to me as soon as possible.

Never hesitate to flourish me with the details at the earliest to enable me follow up the bank managements from my end.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

N.B: The above requirement are compulsory in order to protect our interest and yours. We therefore advice you to ensure that all information (Name,phone/mobile/fax/account numbers) provided on the completed forms are accurate as we will not be held responsible for any unsuccessful transfer of funds into any unauthorized bank account as a result of your mistake.

Fill up the form that was send to you in this email or you can fill up the following if you are really interested in this fund transfer from Mrs Aisha to you for charity in your country or locality within you.

Bank Name:


Account Holders Name:

Account Number:

Bank Branch:

IFSC Code:

My present contact address is as follows:

Full Name:

Complete Address:



Contact Number:

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:


Marital Status:


Email Address:

National I.D Prove number:

Please acknowledge my application and let me know the final step.

Yours Sincerely Barrister George Walter Esq

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Md Ammar posted this 4 weeks ago

Is it fraude

Md Ammar posted this 4 weeks ago

Anyone Plz help me