Similarly i too received a job offer like the other complaints mentioned as i was in need of funds. I completed the work on time with sleepless night. Then i was told by this Priyanka that i would be paid for the same once i finish my job in 7 days now, Then i called then for the payments they said that Priyanka is no longer working with them when I asked them i need to file a complaint as I could recognize that the person i as speaking to was priyanka and they asked me to forward the registration id on WhatsApp i did the same and later i received a threating call that i need to pay the amount of Rs 5900/- He alos said i was sent a mail for the payment but when checked my mail box i had no mail received. I again received a call for the payment and started shouting and yelling on me stating I would be send a legal notice if i dont pay the amount within 1/2 an hour and that i would have to visit the court the next day for the hearing etc etc.... When i said i had no mails received on my id he then immediately sent in a mail.