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Resumesearch posted this 18 December 2020

BABY the resume search I am coming after your seo. LEGAL LOL


ACHA learning experience tha ye. Paisa diya nahi maine na dunga. Jail toh Salman Bhai bhi nahi gaye they ham to bus kaam karna chahte baba,

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Resumesearch posted this 18 December 2020

Surat ke diamond ho tum toh 

Raj posted this 18 December 2020

I just applied today and I just found out it is a scam. Can they legally force me to pay?

shravaniG posted this 18 December 2020

Will they really go legally and put case ?

They have threatened me also .

VikashMalakar posted this 23 December 2020

they force me also to pay money... But I Call Police and tell them full story... they said it's a fraud don't pay any amount.

RizwanAli posted this 24 December 2020

Bhai बेरोजगारी के चलते काम मांगा था ये तो जेल में डलवा रहे है मेरा तो 3 दिनों तक server down कर रखा tha गद्दारों ने

RizwanAli posted this 24 December 2020

भाई पुलिस ने उनके उपर कार्यवाही कि क्या

RajeshwariRoy posted this 24 December 2020

I also got trapped. What is the wayout?


MerlinImmanuel posted this 15 February 2021

I am also in the trap. I really worked hard and gave 90+% accuracy but they are cheating by just rejecting the work and threatening to pay money, because of the agreement.

DivyaMohan posted this 04 March 2021

Even they are threatening me ... I took up the work and the next day some personal emergency happened and I mailed them that due to this i won't be able to complete the work ... and now they are threatening me that they will take it legally... do they actually take things legally 

PradoshNayak posted this 06 March 2021

I also got trapped into it. Did anyone of you paid it? Please reply!!

NarendraRathod posted this 24 March 2021

They are fraud, don't pay any amount to them , just told them do whatever you can , I complaint against you in cyber crime already. They don't have even company location and GST no. And don't take tension about that agreement , agreement aise nai hotey hai , just rise your voice while talking and threatened them by complaints and blocked them on true caller too as scam report them ...