Job Fraud

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RohanShetye posted this 14 July 2017

i got a mail from that my resume is selected for jobs in uk then they ask me to fill the form and submit the visa application fees of 12750 Rs i didn't pay it but send a mail to the company which they mentioned in mail they said we dont have any vacancy right now that was a fraud scaam dont pay anything after that i send that mail to the company who is asking me to make the payment of that amout this is number 01149872159 . 9503590035 , 8796793761

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RinkuBhatia posted this 30 November 2017

yes this is totaly fraud ne    bhut fraud kita me naal v   kehnde hor ne krde kujh hor ne   fraud bande

DEEPENDRADORNAL posted this 11 December 2017

I have been a victim of this scam. Please help tell me how can I retrieve my money?

RinkuSaab posted this 30 December 2017

yes dear

SharifShaik posted this 07 March 2018

Hi every one even iam also victim by this people said they will provide me job in Canada later they asked me to pay only registration fee 12,750/- as a fool I deposited in there account later again they said due to some documents My file got rejected so to reapply it again I need to pay 12,750/- again I did same mistake after few months I got a letter from the embassy stating my visa got approved and I need to go Delhi for stamping onces they will send me the date and time for it I was waiting for the mail but I didn't receive any mail I was trying to contact them but there phones were unavailable there mobile numbers are 9818506768 ,9503590035, 9555081341. Even I got LIMA card but hope that was also fake there account number 909020038293692 by name MOS utility pvt ltd so guys plz beaware of this people being a educated person I become a fool so be careful .That was one more payment I did 8,500 for medical insurance 

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RemaLobo posted this 13 March 2018

Hello . I can not believe still how this people can cheat us.simply wasted my 6months of time case is same like above (sharifshaik's case) asked to write IELTS then medicals then asked to submit documents.gave LMAI also how they can cheat someone like this. Till last moment I believed them .can cybercrime help to punish them.

RemaLobo posted this 13 March 2018

Even I did medical in Balaji laboratory in delhi .wher this medical went then if they are frauds.then this medical also making money can they give my report or can they return my money .

Aradhana roy posted this 19 March 2018

Same thing happened to me .I also got LMIA letter from embassy and still waiting. These people are 100%fraud and cheater .I also want to get back my money.but don't know how.I called to their pune office and delhi office none of the numbers are working.even Mr charles cardinal ,the CEO is also fraud.even the director also.I will sue them .please don't believe them.they wasted my 6 mnths.

SharifShaik posted this 21 March 2018

Guys lets do something because as we became fool not other become there target and loose there money I even sent mail to Delhi immigration .so you all people also send a mail regarding this matter so that they can take any step plzzz guys do post as many as u can so every one knows about this fraud people if you have any evidence do post it here so every one know more about them being a educated guy I lost my money and time.let not others loose there money and time .Let all of us fight towards this  fraud company and the people.

satish rajayadavNallanukala posted this 23 March 2018

Hi shaik,

i am also suffered by the same employer and my agent is from Guntur. If you give yo I can call you and we can sue this type agents

satish rajayadavNallanukala posted this 23 March 2018

Guys I am also suffered by the same employer and, they even issued same LMIA card and documents. I have all documents shared by them and we are approaching police and we got a half payment. And I know who involved in this from southern region.

share all documents that you all received so that we can submit as witnesses.



this is my phone no 9966046406

satish rajayadavNallanukala posted this 23 March 2018

Guys this is my mail id send all documents that you received from agents. I am reporting and filing a case on these fellows.

satish rajayadavNallanukala posted this 23 March 2018

Hi deependra

i am also victim of jobs4sure, and I am filing a case on them plz send your phone no so that I can talk to you or you can call me on this no 9966046406

satish rajayadavNallanukala posted this 23 March 2018

Kindly call me on this no 9966046406. I am also victim from same employer 

AradhanaRoy posted this 02 April 2018


Mr. Saatish please let me know how you got the money. I am also planning to approach police and have already complaint to Visa Office about them because I have got all the proofs of emails.Please let me know how you got your money back. These people are cheaters an playing with others life