Got msg QP-621621

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SeemaGaikwad posted this 10 February 2020


I replied through my email id because I had raised crowd funding for my mom ,later I realised it may be hacker too so visited here.

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VishveshMunge posted this 11 February 2020

MY NAME IS Mrs.Evelyn I WANT TO DONATE 830,000 G.B.P TO YOU FOR CHARITY PURPOSE IN YOUR COUNTRY CONTACT ME FOR MORE DETAILS email: I replied through my email id because I had raised crowd funding for my mom ,later I realised it may be hacker too so visited here.

Hello Ms/Mrs. Gaikwad, I also got a message from the subject mentioned by you. (QP-621621) The message was - "Dearest Please Contact me on this Mail: immediately It's a Matter of Urgency" Although I didn't respond to it in anyway I tried search about it in few websites but there was no identification for this; also the change of matter in the msg and the method of sending the message (multiple messages from a software) hints towards fraudulent activity. I suggest to work extra carefully on following matter (funding and taking charity fund from that email) and don't rush anything.

HemaMalini posted this 21 February 2020

I also got that message with same name. Clearly it's a scam

VickeyChoudhary posted this 26 February 2020

Recently, I got this message in SMS Dearest Please Contact me on this Mail: immediately It's a very important .

SwapnilAwasarmol posted this 27 February 2020

Hi I also got a message Like--- I have business work for you. Reply me urgent on my email:

Thank you for your response to my message regarding business work, I want to inform you that this work is about profiting business which will be for betterment for you and I am going to explain it to you. My name is Dr. Kerry Clifford I am a veterinary doctor and also Work with (Goldshield Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) in (UK), I am urgently looking for a Sincere and Serious Person in INDIA or any part of ASIA and MIDDLE EAST whom I will share this Secrete with. Actually I have been Working as a Procurement Manager in my Company above and I have been coming to INDIA in the past for a Particular Product called Falanthunia Raw seed (for producing cancer vaccines and also use for producing vaccines for Animal vaccination treatment) which my Company said can only be Found in INDIA through the hand of one Local Dealer because our company have been purchasing from this dealer in the past through me and this dealer have the right product which my company use.

I Contacted you because, my Company have Promoted my Position and another Person is now Replacing me as a Procurement Manager and me and the new procurement manager will be Coming to INDIA to Purchase the Product for my Company, I use to Purchase it at Rate of $950 and Sale/Supply to my Company at Rate of $5,780 USD Equal about 413,800.00 India Rupees. Now what I need is to link you to my Company here directly for your benefit and profit. What I need from you is for you to stand as the person I am buying this product from there in India, because my Company has change me as the procurement manager, asking me to give them the address and contact of the Direct dealer in India and I do not want to give the details of the dealer to my company, so I want to arrange with you first so that once we come to India, the new purchasing manager will know that you are the main dealer I do purchase this product from. My problem now is I don't want them to know the exact amount I am buying this product in India, as I mentioned earlier, I buy at the Rate of $950 dollars from the main dealer and give to my company at the Rate of $5,780 USD, what I need is a sincere person that can handle this transaction for me and after the business the profit will be shared between us 50% for My Self/50% for you, you will only stand as the person am buying it from there in your Country so that once the new purchasing manager come to India, he will see that I am truthful and report to my company that of a true you are the right and sincere dealer I have been buying from. If you can be sincere with me I will give you more details on what to do. Also, I want to inform you that my company do need this seed in high demand and about 500 Packets every week, so this is good business that will be good for me and you because my company will be buying 500 Packets of it every week. So just let me know your interest and I will let you know what to do and I will also need you be sincere and listen properly to what I tell you. 1. You must be honest and you will never contact my company without my knowledge after our first supply because after our first supply I will use my position in the company to fight on your behalf to make sure that company give you long term supply contract. 2. You, should not allow company Procurement Manager to have local dealer contact for our future transaction. 3. Profit will be permanently shared as we agreed. in each transaction I will be taken 50% from the Excess Gain/Profit and 50% will be for you. 4. You do not need to own medical store or need export or license for the transaction. Company Procurement Manager and Myself will come to India to take delivery and payment. So, don’t worry about the exportation of the goods/products, company have every document it takes to ship their goods to UK-London. 5. You do not need to be a business person to do this business as it is very easy if ONLY you listen and follow instruction and directive I will give to you. 6. The Dealer of the product I will give you the contact details if you are ready for this Business 7) You have to keep secret this business for our own good because I shear this secret with you Confidentially. 8) The Procurement manager will be coming to India with cash for 500 Packets every week, and this money will be given to you so that you can arrange with the main dealer for the purchase of the 500 Packets. I will explain to you on how the manager will give you the money for the product once I get your interest in this business. If you are interested, let me know and before we proceed, I will need your details

1)-Your full name 11)-Full Address, 111)-Contact Phone Number 1V)-Your Present Occupation/Job v)-Your age v1)-Any Copy of your Identification Proof

I need this information very importantly for trust between us. Once I receive this information from you, then I will present it to my company for immediate approval of 500 Packets of the Falanthunia raw seed and after then, I will then send you the contact details of the local dealer in India for you to confirm the availability of 500 packet of the Falanthunia Raw seeds before me and the procurement manager will then come to India with cash for the Falanthunia Raw seed.

I await your urgent responds.

Looking forward towards a long lasting business relationship with you.

Sincerely, Dr. Kerry Clifford Goldshield Pharmaceuticals Ltd

I feel it is suspicious

mukesharora posted this 06 March 2020

I got the same above msg on my email

RajatThakur posted this 14 March 2020

Same msg