I am Mr. S K Sharma from Pandesara Surat - 394221. My  SBI Debit card. On 11-01-21 an unknown transaction message received in my mobile which i have not done total amount deducted same day 11.01.2021 Amount- 25598/-

1. POS ATM PURCH OTHPG 101172680750AP 11/01/2021 1011172680 750 is Rs.8900.00
2. POS ATM PURCH OTHPG 101164436251AP 11/01/2021 101164436 251 Rs. 4499.00

3. POS ATM PURCH OTHPG 101173417095AP 11/01/2021 101173417 095 Rs. 8900.00

4. POS ATM PURCH OTHPG 101161651547AP 11/01/2021 101161651 547 Rs. 3299.00

                                                                                                     TOTAL AMOUNT 25598.00

I may kindly be provided details of the website or shopping details of the person who cheated with my card so that strict and necessary action could be taken against him.
So please give us details of the shopping website or the person details asap on the basis of account statement details which I have written above.
I am sending attachment of bank statement.

S K Sharma